Over 31,000 Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Citrus Juicer — and It’s 40% Off Right Now

Cut juicing time in half for just $12.

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Zulay Metal 2-In-1 Lemon Lime Squeezer

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It’s citrus season, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. My grocery store is stocking makrut limes, blood oranges, bergamots, grapefruits, kumquats — even the regular old lemons and limes taste and smell so much better these days. I’m already dreaming up cocktails, salads, and plenty of inventive ways to use this winter bounty.

Of course, with a plethora of segmented citrus comes the burning question of how to juice it all. Electric juicers are great but can be hefty to break out when you just need to squeeze a lemon or two. Instead, I am obsessed with this handheld option, along with over 31,000 Amazon reviewers. And the best news? It’s 40% off right now, so you use your savings to splurge on fancy citrus

Zulay Metal 2-In-1 Lemon Lime Squeezer


To buy: Zulay Metal 2-in-1 Lemon and Lime Squeezer, $12 (originally $20) at amazon.com

Prior to purchasing the 2-in-1 Zulay Juicer, I used this juicer (essentially a fork), and before that juicer, I used an actual fork. Both options left my hand exhausted after squeezing juice from just one lime, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was wasting a ton of juice. 

I’m happy to say the Zulay Juicer solves hand fatigue and waste easily. By utilizing a lever motion, you’re able to get enough leverage to flatten a lime as thin as a piece of cardboard. And the juicer also has holes that are large enough for the juice to pass through with ease but inhibit seeds from going along for the ride. 

Beyond being dishwasher safe, there’s one more thing I absolutely love about this juicer. While other models I’ve seen are specifically designed for the size of a lemon or of a lime, this one is sized for both. It’s a little touch, but it really makes squeezing each piece of citrus easier and prevents any from getting in my eye by accident.

But don’t just take my word for it. Over 31,000 Amazon reviewers are obsessed with this juicer thanks to how easy it is to use, clean, and how durable it is. One reviewer writes, “The product feels heavy duty, and I have no worries about it breaking anytime soon, plus it couldn't be easier to clean. I always just end up tossing it in the dishwasher, but it's just as easy to hand wash and dry off.”

Another shopper loves this juicer so much, they wish they made one for more citrus types. They write, “Minimal effort, maximum juicage! This was so easy to squeeze and easy to clean...now they need to make one for oranges [and] grapefruit!”

If you’re dreaming up a whiskey sour or a zippy salad dressing, and need a juicer upgrade, jump on this deal quickly. 40% off is a great deal for a juicer so beloved by home cooks. 

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