This $700 Robot Vacuum That 'Gets All the Little Crumbs' in the Kitchen Is Just Under $150 at Amazon

Clean those kitchen floors without lifting a finger.

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ZCWA Robot Vacuum Tout

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It never ceases to amaze me how messy the kitchen floor can get when preparing a meal or baking. Crumbs, flour, cheese, and other food debris seem to find their way onto the floor no matter what.

But rather than grabbing a broom and bending down with the dustpan to clean it up, there’s a better and easier way to handle this mess — with a robot vacuum. These machines tackle the chore for you and get the kitchen floor clean and spotless again. And right now, a great option is over $500 off at Amazon

ZCWA Robot Vacuum


To buy: Zcwa Self Charging Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, $140 with coupon (originally $700) at

This robot vacuum cleaner has four different cleaning modes: automatic cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and zig zag cleaning, to cover all the bases. It can lean along the baseboards with edge cleaning, or you can schedule it to clean one spot that has dirt dust, or food crumbs. You can even schedule it to clean at a certain time that’s convenient for you (i.e. not in the middle of when you’re cooking). This unit is a gorgeous blue in color, rather than the standard black color that most others use, and detects when it’s near walls or furniture and will even dodge animals or toys in its path. 

Crumbs, dirt, and pet hair are cleaned up easily and placed into the 200-milliliter dust box as this gadget zooms about your floors. It has a 230-milliliter water tank and a mopping feature so it can vacuum and mop all in one go for tougher spills.  In addition, the vacuum can tidy up an area of 1920 square feet in 100 minutes and then head back to the charging dock to get ready for its next cleaning session, according to the brand. 

It’s already collected over 500 perfect ratings at Amazon, with reviewers saying that it’s great for cleaning floors, easy to use, and quiet when running. Many specifically describe how well the gadget cleans their kitchens, with one writing that “it gets all the little crumbs.” Reviewers with wood and tile floors also praise how the robot vacuum tackles a variety of surfaces. “Not only did it go along the floor and edging, it also went up over foam mats we have in the kitchen,” one says

A third shopper writes that it “does a great job cleaning” and goes on to say “it’s quiet” and that they’ve enjoyed not having to vacuum or mop their floors themselves anymore. 

Never worry about making a mess when cooking again, and snag this self-charging robot vacuum from Amazon. It’s currently $560 off, and will save you more than just money, but time, too.  

At the time of publishing the price was $140.

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