By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 04, 2015
Courtesy of PNC

How will you possibly pay for all those turtle doves you plan to give your true love for Christmas this year? With the cash you take out of the gingerbread bank of course. PNC Bank, the longtime creator of the Christmas Price Index, with all the information you could ever need (actually quite a bit more information than you could ever need) about how much each item in the song The 12 Days of Christmas would cost in real life, put together a real functioning gingerbread bank in Philadelphia.

The 12-foot-tall edible branch is available to dispense cash through the weekend in Philly’s Penn Landing along with free hot chocolate and cookies. It took a dozen bakers 5000 pounds of gingerbread and six months to build it all (and you probably thought putting up decorations the day after Thanksgiving was too soon to get ready for Christmas). And based on what we can see, it’s an impressive work of life-size gingerbread architecture—although you might not want to try eating the ATM. Who knows how many cards will end up sliding in and out of that thing.

The bank is open until 9pm on Friday, from 11am-10pm on Saturday and from 11am-8pm on Sunday.

And if you want to see how much all those gifts in over the 12 days of Christmas are going to cost this year, you can check out the price index below. Bad news for anyone buying the aforementioned turtle doves by the way—their prices are up 11.5 percent. Good thing we don’t use doves to calculate the rate of inflation.