This Is the Best Pizza Place in North America, According to Yelp

And no, It's not in New York or New Jersey.

If you ask most pizza joints, they’ll say they have the best pie in the entire region, state, country, hey, maybe even the world. And if that isn’t the first thing you hear, chances are the conversation shifts ever so slightly to the special kind of pizza they make that’s unique to the city. The enthusiasm, the dedication, the delicious final product — there’s a lot to appreciate.

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And everyone knows the best pizza recommendations come from locals or those who have traveled far and wide for a slice. So, we hope your list of must-try pizza spots needs a refresh because Yelp just shared its ranking of the top pizzerias in North America. The platform took review ratings and the volume of reviews into account when making the list. While each pizzeria is surely worth a visit, there were a few that caught our eye.

Sapori Di 786 Degrees (Pasadena, California)

This pizza spot took the No. 1 spot on Yelp’s list, most notably for its globally-inspired menu. Each pie represents a different city around the world, like the Bombay Tikka Masala, which is topped with Indian spices, or the Moroccan, with kafta kabob, mint, corn, brown rice, and harissa sauce.

Toni’s Detroit Style Pizza (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina)

Toni’s is paying homage to Detroit’s legacy and history in aesthetics, menu, and cookware. Opened by a trio of Detroit natives, the shop is full of memorabilia and — of course — thick, buttery pizzas. But here’s a fun fact: Those pies are baked in blue steel pans, a classic tool for getting this style of pizza all crusty and delicious.

Creekbread (Whistler, British Columbia)

Creekbread first set up shop to feed the masses attending the 2010 Olympic Games. Today, you can still order a pie, which are all made with organic ingredients and sustainably sourced toppings. Try the Pemberton Potato, and add bacon as many reviewers suggest. If you happen to be in the area on a Tuesday, stop by and participate in the weekly Community Bakes event, where a portion of sales go to a local non-profit organization.

My Slice of the Pie Pizzeria (Phoenix, Arizona)

New York-style pizza gets a bit of a makeover at this Southwestern pizzeria. Many of the pies are inspired by the owner’s sister-in-law and her hometown of Culiacan, Mexico. Enjoy slices of You Gotta Carne Asada with its chargrilled steak, avocado puree, cilantro, cotija, and Southwest sauce.

Dixie Pizza Wagon (Hurricane, Utah)

Sometimes the environment is just as important as the pizza. In this case, guests grab their orders from a covered wagon and are on their own to find the perfect dining spot. Reviewers recommend digging into the pizza immediately and grabbing a parking spot in front of the wagon for a picnic of sorts.

Lombardo’s of Bay Ridge (Brooklyn, New York)

For classic Brooklyn vibes, head to Lombardo’s for a slice and a board game session (while you wait for your pizza, of course). The atmosphere is relaxed, and the pies are the perfect mix of charred crust, fresh mozzarella, and traditional ingredients. On that note, don’t miss the housemade meatballs.

Check out the full list of pizza spots over on Yelp.

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