The Year's Best Recipes

Year's Best Recipes

F&W's test kitchen staff works with dozens of fantastic recipes every day of the year, but the best ones always stand out. Here, they share their all-time top 100 recipes of 2010.

The best recipes of 2010

Featured: Mario Batali's Butcher's Ragù with Fusilli, a Best Value Wine Pairing

The Year's Best Recipes

  • Year's Best Recipes: Best Vegetable Dishes

    Best Vegetable Dishes

    A buttery Mushroom, Butternut Squash and Gruyère Tart, plus 9 more ideas for vegetables.

  • Year's Best Recipes: Most Beautiful Desserts

    Most Beautiful Desserts

    The year's most gorgeous desserts, like Berry-Yogurt Pavlovas with Chamomile-Lavender Syrup.

  • Year's Best Recipes: New Takes on Italian Classics

    New Takes on Italian Classics

    Reimagined Italian classics, from sausage-stuffed frying peppers to a healthy spelt focaccia.

  • Year's Best Recipes: Cocktail Party Recipes

    Cocktail Party Recipes

    Terrific cocktail and party-food recipes, like a classic violet-scented
    Aviation cocktail and mini crab rolls.

  • Year's Best Recipes: Best Recipes with Bacon

    Best Recipes with Bacon

    From a standout burger to dulce de leche bar cookies, 10 incredible recipes made better with bacon.