The new app for SippClub allows users to get all the info they need about their wines simply by pointing their phone at the label.

Wine clubs can be an easy way to learn about new wines and keep your cellar stocked without much thought. Typically, the process goes something like this: Every so often, a box arrives at your door. You open it up and are like, “What the heck is all this?” Then slipped inside the box are a bunch of papers with tasting notes and other information, and suddenly your fun surprise wine package has been turned into a reading comprehension project. But the London-based wine retailer Sipp has a different approach: Why waste time and trees with paper when you can provide all that information through an app. And thus, “the world’s first augmented reality wine club” has been born.

Of course, your next question is likely “What the heck is an ‘augmented reality wine club’?” And seeing as the SippClub bills itself as the “first,” it’s a fair question. For £29 (about $38) per month, Sipp sends subscribers three bottles of wine based on their preference of red, white or mixed – a pretty straightforward model. But where Sipp tries to make things easier is that all the wines are loaded into the SippClub app, so when users want to dive into their vino, they can simply view the label through their phone’s camera, and Sipp propagates all the information they need right on the image: things like tasting notes, food pairings and serving temperatures.

Though apps that can scan your wine and provide you with more info are nothing new, apparently Sipp suggests that presenting this information as “augmented reality” and integrating this approach into a wine club is. As you may have guessed, the whole idea is meant to appeal to tech-loving twentysomethings. “Millennials drink more wine than any previous generation,” Moez Seraly, chief executive of Sipp, said according to The Drinks Business. “They deserve more from the wine industry.” He went on to say that where SippClub excels is that it’s “all made simple with great tech and no bullshit advice.”

Sipp has been around since 2010, but this new SippClub app was only launched this past week. Whether or not it helps drive new business for the wine club is yet to be seen, but the idea of continuing to simplify the wine club experience with a handy app like this one seems like something that’s bound to catch on.