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Winc is the best overall for wine subscription boxes

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best wine subscriptions
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If the idea of having bottles of minerality-driven, crisp white wines or bottles of full-bodied, jammy reds arriving at your home each month excites you, then you may appreciate a wine subscription box. Wine subscription boxes are curated by wine professionals or by an online wine retail company and shipped directly to you. Having wine delivered on a frequent basis makes trying and discovering new wines–or enjoying old favorites–a breeze, especially when cases of wines arrive straight to your door. Wine subscriptions are an easy way to enjoy an engaging and fun wine-tasting experience.

There are many different types of wine delivery box services. Whether you prefer a casual weeknight boxed wine, enjoy trying organically-produced wines, or just love to pop open something sparkling on the fly, we've got you covered. We sampled several wine subscriptions to identify the best on the market. Read on to learn more about our favorites, and which service got us the most excited to uncork, pour, sip, and savor our wines at home.

Best Wine Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Overall: Winc

wine clubs
Courtesy of Winc

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $29.95 a month
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Products per Delivery: 4 bottles

Why You Should Try It

Winc manages the entire wine-making process from grape to glass, giving customers sustainably-produced wines shipped directly to their door. Customers can select the wines they want or let Winc tailor the shipment based off of a quick quiz.


  • Produces own wines
  • Company is passionate about environmental issues
  • Discounts on wines for members


  • Some customers complain about customer service
  • Shipping can be slow

Winc is our pick for best overall wine subscription box. Winc removes the middleman from wine subscriptions by managing and producing its own wine, giving customers wine that is responsibly made with low-intervention, sustainable farming practices.

New customers complete a short quiz, which helps Winc identify wines to match customer tastes. Questions zero in on your tasting profile with questions such as whether you like apples, or if you prefer M&Ms over Skittles. Once your questionnaire is complete, Winc presents a customized selection of four bottles with an option to swap out wines and add additional bottles from their portfolio.

You can also select a shipment of just reds, just whites, or a mix. Customers can search for wines by grapes and varietals, sweetness level, specific farming practices, country of origin, and even food pairings, such as "pairs with pizza" and "pairs with pork." Winc utilizes a personalized rating system so customers can keep track of and rate their wines, allowing the sommeliers to better tailor the right selelection for you. Members can also skip, pause, or cancel their subscription at any time.

Pricing and Plans

  • $29.95/ month for four bottles for new members
  • Members may select additional bottles at additional cost
  • Free shipping with purchase of four or more bottles

Best Value: Wine Insiders

Wine Insiders Subscription Box
Wine Insiders

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $89 for the first two months
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Products per Delivery: 12-15

Why You Should Try It
Wine Insiders showcases an immense portfolio of wines that are sourced directly from the wine producers, providing customers with an enormous selection of wines at a discounted price.


  • Impressive discounted wine selection
  • Free "Wine 101" online resource
  • Convenient pick-up locations


  • Some wine drinkers may prefer more well-known brands
  • Some complain of spotty customer service

Wine Insider gives oenophiles a great bang for their buck. By cutting out the middleman, Wine Insider collaborates with sommeliers to source well-priced wines directly from wineries, without the usual cost of marketing and sales markups. Wine Insiders prides itself on helpful learning resources, including a Wine 101 deep dive into different wines, grapes, and wine serving tips.

The Wine Insiders Club features 15 exclusively-sourced bottles from around the world. Customers select the type of case and Wine Insiders adds a bonus of three bottles of premium Bordeaux blend. You may choose a case of all reds, a case of all whites, or mix of the two. Each shipment arrives with in-depth tasting notes, serving tips, and information on the varietals and producers of each wine included in your order.

The Wine Insiders Club ships quarterly and includes free shipping. There is no club membership obligation; members can cancel at any time. If for some reason you or another adult cannot be home to sign for your shipment, Wine Insiders has partnered with several convenient pharmacies and grocery stores to offer customers free and easy pick up.

In addition to the wine club, customers can shop and purchase bottles à la carte with free shipping for six bottles or more. Wine Insiders also offers over 100 pre-selected wine sets, perfect for any occasion.

Pricing and Plans

  • Free shipping with six bottles or more
  • Wine Insiders Club: $89 per case for new members with three additional gift bottles; after introductory offer, a case of wine is $155 per quarter

Best for International Wine: Firstleaf

wine clubs
Courtesy of Firstleaf

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $89.94 a shipment
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Products per Delivery: 6

Why You Should Try It
Firstleaf uses a sophisticated algorithm to customize your wine selection experience. Customers have access to award-winning wines at a club member discount.


  • Award-winning, unique wines
  • Access to wine concierge services and an online community
  • Informative online wine school blog
  • Customer service available seven days a week


  • Firstleaf's club is on the pricey side
  • Some customers complain of shipping issues

Firstleaf is passionate about its mission to source prestigious wines from around the globe, boasting over 2,000 wine awards. Customers begin their Firstleaf wine journey by taking a patent-pending tailored quiz to identify their wine preferences, which is used to customize their wine selection. Once you receive your order, Firstleaf will ask you to rate each bottle of wine in order for them to further define your flavor profile for future selections.

You can opt for six bottles or 12 bottles per shipment, and set the frequency to receive wine once a month, every other month, or quarterly. You may also change your shipment date. Once you place your first order, you are automatically enrolled in the club, but you can pause or cancel online or via customer service.

If you want a little more control, Firstleaf has an online retail store featuring curated bundles of six and 12 bottles, such as "Reserve Collection Red." Members also receive special pricing on half cases at just $14.99 a bottle.

Pricing and Plans

  • $89.94/ month for six bottles, plus $9.95 for shipping

Best for Boxed Wine: Boxt

wine clubs
Courtesy of Boxt

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $62 a month for members
  • Free Shipping: Yes, for members
  • Products per Delivery: 1-2

Why You Should Try It
Boxt delivers an engaging and unique boxed wine experience without snobbery, delivering a long-lasting wine that's perfect for a casual weeknight.


  • Longer-lasting wine
  • Eco-conscious packaging
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly wines


  • Traditional wine drinkers may prefer bottles
  • Selection is relatively small
  • Occasionally wines are sold out

Female-founded and based in Austin, Texas, Boxt is a wine delivery service that features carefully-crafted boxed wines designed to be your go-to option for delicious weeknight at-home wine sipping. Each box contains the equivalent of four bottles of wine, which can last up to six weeks once tapped. The company is also environmentally conscious; the boxes are 100% compostable, produced with less CO2 than glass bottles, and a tree is planted for every Boxt sold, thanks to a partnership with One Tree Planted.

Boxt currently has eight wine profiles: three white wines, four red wines, and one rosé. Each box has a specific flavor profile, and is accompanied by a brief description, food pairing suggestions, as well as a list of similar varietals. Wines are sourced from the Russian River, Napa, and Eastern Washington, and contain 0% residual sugar.

Membership is free and members receive discounts on all orders, plus free shipping and access to a personal wine concierge, who can assist with feedback, questions, and profile updates. Membership boxes ship every month, and non-members can order boxes as a one-off, though without the discount or free shipping.

Boxt also publishes a resourceful blog, which features fun posts, including your astrological wine sign, food recipes for wine pairings, and clever ways to upcycle and reuse your Boxt box.

Pricing and Plans

  • $74/box for a one-time order, plus $14.99 shipping
  • $64/month for one box with subscription, shipping included
  • $124/month for two boxes with subscription, shipping included

Best for Sparkling Wine: We Drink Bubbles

We Drink Bubbles Subscription Box

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $120 per month
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Products per Delivery: 3

Why You Should Try It
For those who love popping open a bottle of Champagne or Pét-nat on the fly, We Drink Bubbles specializes in sourcing sustainable and unique sparkling wines from producers around the world and ships them directly to your door.


  • Great for Champagne and sparkling wine lovers
  • Access to rare sparkling wines
  • Cleanly-farmed wines


  • Selection may not appeal to all wine drinkers
  • Shipping and delivery fees not included in cost

We Drink Bubbles focuses entirely on boutique and rare sparkling wines from all over the globe, as well as traditional Champagnes. All wines are sourced from clean-farmed and estate-grown vineyards. Customers can choose to become a member of The Bubbles Club, a curated sparkling wine subscription featuring three bottles of sparkling wine or Champagne. You can expect to find unique sparkling varietals, such as Cavas, Pét-nats, Crémants, or even Sekts, a German and Austrian sparkling wine. You may choose to have your subscription box ship every month, every other month, or quarterly. Each shipment arrives with tasting notes, food and wine pairings, and general wine education information.

We Drink Bubbles also sells bottles of sparkling wines à la carte, and members receive 10% off any additional bottles they may want to purchase. There is a fun referral program where you can cash in your points for bottles and merchandise from the online boutique, with items such as wine totes, wine glasses, and Champagne sabers.

Pricing and Plans

  • The Bubbles Club: $120/month for three bottles, plus tax and shipping

Best for Organic Wine: Plonk Wine Club

wine clubs
Courtesy of Plonk

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $110 a month
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Products per Delivery: 4, 6, or 12

Why You Should Try It
Plonk curates boutique, organic, and sustainably-produced wines from lesser-known regions all around the world. Wines arrive with detailed tasting notes and recipe pairing ideas.


  • Great for the adventurous wine drinker
  • Free shipping
  • No membership fees


  • May not appeal to more traditional wine drinkers
  • Six bottle minimum to ship

Plonk is our pick for the best organic wine club. Founded by certified WSET-educated Etty Klein, Plonk is dedicated to showcasing unique and hidden gem wines that are responsibly farmed and follow organic or biodynamic winemaking techniques. Many wines are limited production and hail from boutique wineries around the globe. Customers can shop for wines à la carte and build a half case or full case. You can search for wines by wine type, region, and winemaking techniques, such as sustainable, grown biodynamic, certified organic, and grown organic. If you'd prefer to sit back and leave the selection to the experts, Plonk offers custom, pre-selected wine packs, such as "Summer Rosé 6 Pack" and "Women Winemakers 6 Pack."

In addition to a wine shop and pre-set wine packs, Plonk has a wine club with three plans: a mixed bottled club, a red wine club, and a white wine club. The wine clubs spotlight unique native grapes from lesser-known regions, such as Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia. Members have an option to select four, six, or 12 bottles per shipment, and can choose to have their boxes delivered monthly, every other month, or quarterly. Each shipment includes tasting notes and food pairings.

Pricing and Plans

  • $110/month for four bottles
  • $160/month for six bottles
  • $285/month for a case
  • Free shipping

Best for Supporting Winemakers: Naked Wines

Naked Wines Subscription
Naked Winea

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $63.99 a month
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Products per Delivery: 6 and 12

Why You Should Try It
Naked Wines funds and invests in independent winemakers upfront, who then create the wine which ships directly to you. Customers can feel good about supporting talented winemakers and trying unique and delicious wines at below-market prices.


  • Customers fund winemakers directly
  • Extra samples of wine included in deliveries
  • Opportunity to connect with winemakers and other members


  • Platform may not appeal to traditional wine enthusiasts
  • Membership model can be confusing

Naked Wines has a unique model in which investors and customers fund independent wine producers upfront. For $40 a month, members, or "Angels," help support the wine-making process directly. By eliminating the hefty cost of marketing and sales, members can enjoy wines bought on Naked Wines at a discount of up to 60% below market cost.

Wine prices are based on customer input, and each wine for sale has a rating based on customer feedback. The Naked Wines app allows you to connect directly with the winemakers, where you can ask questions and provide feedback. You can also engage with other customers by joining discussion rooms to chat about your wine tasting experiences.

Customers can peruse bottles and select half a case or create a full case. You can search by color, style, grape, country, price, and critically-acclaimed wines. If you'd prefer to let Naked Wines do the work, the company offers dozens of curated packs and cases ready to go. Some examples of pre-selected cases include "Flight to Germany 6 Pack" and "All-American Buzzworthy Wines 11-Pack."

Pricing and Plans

  • Starts at $69.99 for a pre-set six pack
  • Prices starting at $79.99 for 12 bottles

Best for Gifting: The International Wine of the Month Club

International Wine of the Month Club Subscription
International Wine of the Month Club

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $41.95 a month
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Products per Delivery: 2

Why You Should Try It
With four different wine club memberships, The International Wine of the Month Club is a fun gift for wine lovers who love to try rare and under-the-radar wines from around the world.


  • Rare wines from small producers
  • Re-order wines at a discount
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Shipping is not included
  • Occasionally wines are out of stock

Created during the 1990s, the International Wine of the Month Club is great for gifting and is designed to make it easy to send interesting and unique wines to loved ones (or yourself). Wines come from across the globe and are carefully selected by a two-tiered wine tasting panel.

The company offers four different memberships, with two bottles included in each monthly shipment. "The Premier Series Wine Club" is the most popular; customers can select two whites, two reds, or one of each. "The Bold Reds Wine Club" focuses on two robust reds from around the world. "The Masters Series Wine Club" also allows customers to select reds, whites, or a mix, and focuses on limited-production estate bottles. Lastly, "The Collectors Series Wine Club" is the most prestigious and offers rare wines that are extremely limited in production and make great additions to your wine cellar.

All shipments come with a newsletter and detailed tasting notes, and members can reorder their favorite wines at a discount. Since wines are so limited, once a wine is out of stock, it may be gone for good.

Pricing and Plans

  • The Premier Series Wine Club: $41.95/month for two bottles, plus shipping
  • The Bold Reds Wine Club: $56.95/month for two bottles, plus shipping
  • The Masters Series Wine Club: $56.95/month for two bottles, plus shipping
  • The Collectors Series Wine Club: $74.95/month for two bottles, plus shipping

Final Verdict

Winc stood out as our top pick for the best overall wine subscription box. It oversees vineyards and wineries and works with farmers who practice sustainable wine-making methods. By managing the wine-making process from start to finish, Winc is able to source and produce wines that are priced below market rate and sustainably farmed. Winc uses a short quiz to understand your wine preferences, and you can rate the wines you receive to help customize your future shipments. In addition, Winc also sells wine à la carte and features delicious recipes and informative blog posts on its website.

Compare the Best Wine Subscription Boxes

Company Starting Price Free Shipping Products per Delivery Delivery Area Gift Option?
Best Overall
$29.95/ month Yes 4 Not disclosed Yes
Wine Insiders
Best Value
$89.00 for first two months Yes 12-15 41 states Yes
Best for International Wine
$89.94/ month No 6 48 states Yes
Best for Boxed Wine
$62/month Yes 1-2 40 states No
We Drink Bubbles
Best for Sparkling Wine
$120/month No 3 Not disclosed Yes
Plonk Wine Club
Best for Organic Wine
$110/month Yes 4, 6, 12 Not disclosed Yes
Naked Wines 
Best for Supporting Wine Makers
$73.99/month No 6 and 12 51 states Yes
The International Wine of the Month Club 
Best for Gifting
$41.95/month No 2 41 states Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Monthly Wine Clubs Worth It?

Monthly wine subscription clubs are a great way to be exposed to new wines and old stand-bys. Every few weeks, customers will receive several bottles of wine, or even a case, to try. If you are a wine lover or looking to learn more about tasting wine, a monthly wine club can be a great option. Additionally, many clubs offer subscribers discounted prices on bottles and other accessories. If you're not overly excited with your shipments, most wine clubs have helpful customer service reps to help you find a replacement bottle or will fully refund you, depending on the service's satisfaction guarantee. Most clubs easily allow you to skip, pause, or cancel memberships as well.

How Much Is a Wine Subscription?

Wine subscription boxes have a range of costs. Depending on the company, some wine subscription companies work directly with producers and are able to offer wines at a more affordable rate, whereas other services curate more rare and high-end wines at a subsequently higher cost. Other wine subscriptions sell boxed wine, which is a more affordable option as customers get about four bottles of wine per box. Depending on the service, some companies only sell bundles of three wines, while other companies may only offer six bottles or a case of wine. In general, wine delivery services tend to range from about $80 to $100 each month.

How Do Wine Subscription Boxes Work?

Each wine subscription box works in its own way. Several services entice new customers to use a quiz to learn more about their wine profile and preferences. An algorithm or a sommelier may suggest wines based on your responses, and you can utilize a scoring system to rate your feedback and customize your future shipments. Most wine subscription boxes pre-select the wines you will receive, sending out detailed notes on the winemakers, the grape varietals, and tasting notes.

Some wine clubs let you choose how many bottles you would like, as well as the types of wines in your shipment. Others allow you to choose the frequency of shipments as well. It's always important to read the fine print when signing up for a wine subscription box so you can understand the terms, any monthly fees if applicable, and how to pause or cancel a membership. New wine club subscribers should plan on entering their credit card information for payment to confirm their subscription, and within a few days or a week, expect to find their wine delivery box at their front door or convenient pick-up location.

What Types of Wine Are Offered in Wine Subscriptions?

In general, most wine subscription companies offer a variety of reds and wines. Some may have a mix of white wines and red wines, where others may just focus on a single variety, like sparkling wines or even wines sourced from a specific location, such as Champagne, France. Traditionally, the wines will arrive in glass bottles, but there are specific wine subscription boxes that produce and sell boxed wines. Additionally, many winemakers are practicing more sustainable farming practices, so customers may see clubs highlighting specific wine-making methods, such as low residual sugar, biodynamic, vegan, and organic wines.


Our team of researchers independently reviewed over 50 online wine delivery services. They looked at myriad factors, including wine club offerings, pricing, frequency, shipping fees, delivery areas, customer service, gift options, and the number of bottles in each shipment. All services include a wine club subscription or an online wine retail component.

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