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The Best Wine Subscription Boxes for Every Palate

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Savory, fruit-forward, sparkling, oaky—there's a type of wine for every palate and preference. The flavors and textures of the food you're enjoying, as well as the setting, can contribute to your drinking experience. Perhaps you're celebrating the long-awaited summer with endless bottles of rosé. Or maybe you're someone who enjoys trying wines while traveling around the world but are grounded in one place for now. Wouldn't it stave off your wanderlust a little to have an assortment of international wines delivered right to your door? Whether you prefer whites or reds, dry or sweet, there is a wine subscription box out there to suit your exact tastes. Here are eight wine subscriptions that will shower you with all of your favorite pours for months to come.

Best Wine Subscription Boxes for Every Palate:

We've all had that moment when you go to your wine trove, and it's empty. Instead of roaming grocery store aisles and guessing what wines you may like—and then lugging them home while trying not to break any bottles—consider a wine subscription box. Most wine subscriptions and clubs have a large collection of wines to choose from that are hand-selected by experts around the world, giving you access to wines you wouldn't otherwise encounter.

Many of these wine clubs also allow members to submit their wine preferences and rate each selection after trying it, allowing the company to continually improve its inventory. Save yourself time and energy and any more "we're out of wine" moments, with a constant cycle of delicious options chosen for you and delivered right to your door. 

While you may be set on a particular wine, it's essential to tailor those choices to what's on the menu. To make that process easier, many wine subscriptions will provide recipes and tasting notes to go with their wines.

If your dish has a high amount of acidity—think crudos, oysters, or citrusy salads—feel free to go with a high-acid wine, like a crisp Riesling. This is because the more acidity in your food, the more it can balance out high acidity in your wine. Generally speaking, acidic wines play best with oily and fatty foods, and dry, unoaked wines tend to be the most versatile for pairing purposes. 

Sweetness in food can make a dry wine taste unpleasantly acidic. That's why you'll want to pair that final course with a fortified or dessert wine. Check out the subscriptions below to satisfy every wine preference.

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Credit: Courtesy of Winc

Best Rosé Subscription: Winc

Winc is a fast-growing winery and wine club that offers nine different rosé varieties. Using wine consumer data as a guide, Winc has produced 736 wines with 62 varietals since 2012 and practices minimal intervention winemaking to create organic, vegan, low-sugar, low-sulfite, and completely sustainable wines. Winc doesn't ship everywhere, though, so make sure to try your zip code before signing up. 

To register, Winc provides a short questionnaire to assess your palate profile. This includes your preference for red or white wines, what flavors you're drawn to, and wine regions you're interested in exploring. Submit your email and birthday (21+ only, folks), and Winc will curate your ideal box of wine. If you're not feeling the selected wines, you can swap out any bottle with something else from Winc's inventory.

The membership program has levels, which may not be apparent at first glance. Signing up through the standard registration process gives you a Winc membership, which is a minimum of three bottles per month. Once you've signed up you can upgrade to the Winc Select membership, which provides a minimum of four bottles of premium wine per month (defined as more than $13 per bottle). The memberships work on a credits system, so if you skip an order your credits will be applied to your next order. You can pause your membership or skip a month at any time—notifying Winc at least three days prior—and cancel by email, live chat, or text. New members get their first Winc box for $30. 

To buy: From $52 per month;

wine clubs
Credit: Courtesy of Firstleaf

Best International Wine Subscription: Firstleaf

If you're itching to travel but are still homebound for now, consider globetrotting through your taste buds instead. From international wine regions in South Africa, Chile, New Zealand, Italy, and France (among many others), Firstleaf has sourced an incredible collection of wine for those who like a little geographic variety. In fact, they take wine sourcing so seriously, the staff samples more than 10,000 wines annually to get the very best for this wine club. 

Firstleaf's motto is: "The wine club that gets better with every box." The brand uses ratings and feedback to continually improve your wine selections for a highly personalized wine subscription. To join the membership, you'll take a short quiz to determine what kinds of wine you'd prefer in your order. For example: dry or sweet, how adventurous you want to be with flavor, your level of knowledge about wine, types of food and wine flavors you enjoy and dislike, and how many bottles you typically drink per month. You'll receive a customized selection of six bottles which you can modify, depending on your preferences. 

Firstleaf provides a wine concierge to answer any questions and discuss tasting notes, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your wine, the company will give you a credit to choose something else from its inventory. Want to become an at-home sommelier? Firstleaf has an online wine school (a.k.a. a resource guide) with articles answering any burning questions you may have. 

From December 13 to the 14, new club members can receive six bottles for $24.95 with free shipping using the code HOLIDAYWINE21.

To buy: From $90 per shipment;

wine clubs
Credit: Courtesy of Boxt

Best White Wine Subscription: Boxt

Boxed wine isn't always associated with fine wine, but the Napa Valley-based company Boxt uses a compostable wooden box for two important reasons: it reduces carbon emissions and, once opened, it keeps the wine fresh about five weeks longer than a traditional bottle. There are currently seven wine profiles to choose from—three whites, three reds, and a limited-edition rosé. If you lean toward white wines, the three varieties include a crisp light wine with citrus notes, a fuller-bodied oaky white, and a slightly sweet floral wine

When you purchase from Boxt, you can either order à la carte or sign up for a recurring monthly membership for additional savings, free shipping, access to wine events, and a personal wine concierge. Each box contains the equivalent of four bottles of wine in whichever profile you select. With a monthly subscription, you can opt to receive one box or two or more boxes for a further discounted rate. You can always switch up your wine profile preferences, as well as pause or cancel your membership at any time. Boxt guarantees you'll love your wine; if you don't, the company will refund your account or send you a new profile to try. Boxt does not currently deliver to every state but is adding new destinations weekly. 

To buy: From $74 per month;

wine clubs
Credit: Courtesy of The Vice

Best Red Wine Subscription: The Vice Wine's NDA Wine Club

With a wide selection of wines and membership options for every wine lover, The Vice Wine is a particularly great option for those who love a deep red. Offering more than 15 varieties of red wine, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and many blends, the subscription's variety means you won't soon run out of great bottles to try. This family-owned wine brand focuses on sustainable-yet-affordable wine, with mindful practices that put an emphasis on creating organic and biodynamic blends. 

Each The Vice Wine wine subscription offers a monthly or quarterly option. There are three membership packages to choose from within . The Mini Vice membership includes three bottles per month, a flat shipping rate anywhere in the U.S., a promotional code to use sitewide, and early access to new and special release wines. The Wine Lover Vice membership includes six bottles every month and virtual seasonal tastings with a wine expert (in addition to the above perks). The Vice VIP membership comes with 12 bottles each month, free shipping, all other mentioned perks, and early allocation to wine library wines upon release. The Vice Wine also offers a second wine club, the Summer Survival Club, which supplies a variety of rosés and summery whites all year round. Shipments for all memberships go out on the 15th of each month, and in March, June, September, and December for quarterly orders. It should be noted that The Vice Wine does not ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, or Utah. You can cancel any membership at any time.

To buy: From $85 per quarter; 

wine clubs
Credit: Courtesy of Laithwaites

Best Mixed Wine Subscription: Laithwaites Wine Club

For those who love a little red and a little white, the Laithwaites wine club offers a collection of mixed wine in one subscription. Simply fill out a preference quiz indicating what kind of wines you'd like in your box, and you'll get a personalized recommendation of bottles to try. Featured wines come from family-owned estates in regions in France, Argentina, Italy, California, and more, allowing you to explore different a variety of flavors and blends. 

If you opt for the mixed wine subscription, each quarterly shipment comes with 12 bottles—six white, six red—for $149, plus $19.99 for shipping and taxes. (New York and New Jersey residents can opt in for an alternative wine club option of nine bottles for $139, delivered every 10 weeks). New subscribers get their first subscription box for only $50, including six bottles, two additional gifted bottles of red wine, and two stemless wine glasses. Wine club members will also receive luxury bottle upgrades and additional bottles throughout your subscription. Customers can delay or cancel their subscription at any time.

To buy: From $149 per quarter,

wine clubs
Credit: Courtesy of

Best Dry Wine Subscription: Picked by

Known for its massive inventory of bottles and blends, also offers a personalized wine subscription called Picked for wine lovers who want to be just a little more selective. To sign up, simply fill out a short wine quiz, which assesses your level of wine knowledge, flavor preferences, willingness to branch out from your usual picks, and how often you want to receive an order (every one, two, or three months). Then choose the number of reds and whites in your order (six bottles total) and the average bottle price you'd be comfortable with. A personal sommelier will consider your preferences, such as drier wines, and create a selection of wine just for you. Upon trying out your hand-selected wines, you can rate them for an even more curated experience.

The beauty of this wine subscription is its access to's huge inventory of wines. Shipping is free and you'll avoid those hidden membership fees that some wine clubs tack on—all Picked pricing is the same as's bottles. You can cancel or change your subscription at any point. Picked also offers a happiness guarantee, and if any bottle doesn't meet your expectations, you'll receive a full credit to apply to a new bottle. For additional savings, Picked is offering $20 off your first order. 

To buy: From $90 per month;

wine clubs
Credit: Courtesy of Wine of the Month Club

Best Sweet Wine Subscription: Wine of the Month Club

An industry giant, the Wine of the Month Club (WOTM) is an institution even wine novices are familiar with. The company has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot, with customer reviews highlighting its "excellent value and choices." Some reviewers have been club members for 20 years. With 13 different wine subscription memberships, this wine club is by far the most extensive for different taste preferences. For example, if you have a sweet tooth and like your wines to hit those notes, the Sweet Series Membership would be ideal. You'll receive two bottles in your order (for $48) either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. WOTM also offers gift membership options for the wine fan in your life—with the understanding they will host all future wine nights, obviously. 

Other popular memberships include the Classic Series Membership, Mystery Case Club (for adventurous sippers), and Cellars Series Membership, which includes six bottles of wine from the Classic, Vintner, and Limited series. For eco-minded tasters, WOTM offers a Pure Organic Wine Membership series with sustainable wines grown around the world. These could feature bottles that are vegan, biodynamic, paleo and keto-friendly, and hand-harvested, among other options. WOTM has something for everyone, and with easy cancellation, there's no reason not to try it out for yourself. 

To Buy: From $38 per shipment;

wine clubs
Credit: Courtesy of Vinesse

Best Sparkling Wine Subscription: Vinesse's Sparkling Wine Club

There's something about sparkling wine that hits differently than other styles, and for those who like to celebrate everything (and why wouldn't you?), Vinesse is a wine club that should be on your radar. While there is a primary membership at Vinesse that offers eight exclusive wines handpicked by experts, there's also a Sparkling Wine Club. With this wine subscription box you can select the number of bottles per order (three, six, or 12), your wine preference (white, red, or both), and how often you want to receive your order (twice or five times annually). 

Vinesse wine subscriptions also come with expert tasting notes, including pairing recommendations as well as detailed descriptions of each wine's origins. You can rate each wine for continually better selections over time and manage your account with flexibility—skip an order or cancel at any time. Shipping and delivery information varies by region, and someone who is 21 or older must sign for the order upon delivery.

To Buy: From $50 per month;

wine clubs
Credit: Courtesy of Plonk

Best Organic Wine Subscription: Plonk Wine Club

The food and drinks we consume can impact our health, but also impact the environment. For those who value sustainably farmed wine, look no further than Plonk Wine Club. This monthly wine subscription offers three unique clubs for those who prefer wines that are produced with minimal intervention and no pesticides or commercial additives. Between the White Wine Club, the Red Wine Club, and the Mixed Wine Club (with white, red, rosé, and bubbly), there are organic wines for every palate and preference. 

To sign up, choose your wine club, the number of bottles you want in your shipment, and the frequency of deliveries. Each wine subscription offers four, six, or 12 bottles, and deliveries that are monthly, bi-monthly, and every three months (depending on quantity ordered). You can also opt to pre-pay for an entire yearly package or use a standard month-to-month payment option. For maximum flexibility, you can always change which wine club you're in, order à la carte from the Wine Shop, and cancel at any time.

To buy: From $110 per month;