In this episode of Wine School, Ray and Hallie play a drinking game and test each other’s knowledge of booze-related jargon.

By Food & Wine
July 07, 2020

Past episodes of Wine School have covered everything from testing wine bottle-opening hacks to learning about essential French wine regions. This one's all about a drinking game—it's Ray versus Hallie in a test of drinking knowledge.

The game is played in three rounds, during which Ray and Hallie each have to guess what three terms mean. Hallie challenges Ray on some less refined drinking terms and tailgating jargon, like "keg stands," “icing” (not the cake kind, as he soon finds out), and “Edward 40-Hands,” while Ray quizzes Hallie on her wine knowledge, asking her to define "bung hole," "tannins," "magnum," and more. The ground rules are set at the beginning. If Hallie is right, she and Ray take a sip of Natural Light; if Ray is right, it’s a sip of red Burgundy. Watch to find out who wins.