This Wine Subscription Box Is Offering a Major Discount to Food & Wine Readers

You can get four bottles for less than $30, plus free shipping.

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Mother's Day Winc Wine Subscription
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Over the years, I've familiarized myself with the world of wine by, well, drinking a lot of it. There's nothing I love more than a rich, flavorful red to go along with a languid multi-course Italian meal and a dry, icy-cold glass of white in the backyard on a hot summer's day. But despite the dozens (possibly even hundreds) of brunches I've attended, I've never quite landed on a rosé I would actually want to buy a bottle of. Most of the time, they're either too pink, too sweet, or simply not interesting enough to keep me coming back for another glass. At some point, I simply gave up and stopped experimenting.

So you can imagine my skepticism when I saw that questionnaire-based wine subscription service Winc promised to provide me a curated selection of wine based on a survey of my other flavor preferences. Right now, Winc is offering an exclusive to Food & Wine readers who sign up for a monthly subscription: $29.95 for your first box, plus free shipping—that's less than $10 per bottle. After you fill in your answers for each multiple-choice question, Winc creates a box of four wines that fits your specific tastes. And lo and behold, once I filled in mine, there was a suggested rosé.

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To subscribe: Winc, $29.95 for 4 bottles for Food & Wine readers at

The palate quiz includes questions about how you take your coffee (which indicates your tannin preference), how salty you like your food (which nods to how much minerality you prefer in white wines), how you respond to citrus (giving them insight into your tolerance for acidity), whether you like earthy flavors (and thus, how earthy you can handle your reds), and if you like berries (which indicates your preferred level fruitiness in the wine you drink). The survey also asks whether you typically prefer white wine, red wine, or both.

After a few days, my box of wine arrived, and the rosé was the first thing I decided to try. I figured if I hated it, as per usual, I'd at least get it out of the way and donate to whichever friend happened to drop by first. To my surprise, I loved it: It was fruity, it was drinkable and dry and breezy; it tasted like the summer I am so desperately longing for. (Unfortunately, the exact bottle I tried is no longer available on the site, but you can browse the brand's current selection of rosé). I also liked the remaining selection of reds and whites in my box, too. Somehow, a six-question survey managed to nail it.

If you're looking to spice up your normal wine routine, now is the time to act. Winc's offer of $29.95 for your first monthly subscription box (plus free shipping) is exclusive to Food & Wine readers and ends April 1. For me, Winc helped prove that even if you spend a lifetime as an amateur sommelier who vehemently objects to certain flavors or blends, there's a payoff in leaving the guesswork to the experts. All you have to do is take the first sip.

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