In one of those extended flights of relational fantasy in which weary journalists indulge themselves, here's my offering of the perfect Columbus Day wine: the 2006 Colle dei Bardellini Vigna U Munte Vermentino ($20 or so, click here to find it), a crisp, mineral-driven white with a nice, long lemony finish and surprising body given that it's a coastal white aged in stainless steel. I had it with dinner on Saturday night at Manhattan's Centro Vinoteca where it went mighty well with several plates of Chef Anne Burrell's prosciutto and sugar snap pea fritters (Shared plates—I didn't eat them all myself. Geez.) not to mention some tasty fried zucchini blossoms filled with goat cheese.

What makes Vigna U Munte so gosh-darn Columbus-dayish? Well, Colle dei Bardellini is located along Italy's Ligurian coast, the main city of which is Genoa...and Genoa, by most accounts, is where ol' Columbus was born. Ergo, Columbus Day wine. Works for me, at least.