Pinot Blanc and Pinot Bianco are two names for the same grape, but they produce markedly different wines. Blanc refers to grapes grown in France, and Bianco comes from Italy.


The French versions, from Alsace, are musky and creamy-textured; those from Italy have zippier acidity, with pear or even soft citrus flavors. American Pinot Blancs are usually made in the French style, as the name suggests. Pour Pinot Blancs with cheese-based dishes; Pinot Biancos go nicely with light foods like chicken breasts or flaky white fish in a simple sauce.

Zippy, Fresh Pinot Bianco

Meyer's Lemony Broccoli and Chickpea Rigatoni
Credit: © Frances Janisch

Top Bottles

  • J. Hofstätter (Italy)
  • Alois Lageder (Italy)

Recipe Pairings

Creamy, Supple Pinot Blanc

Potato-Crusted Salmon with Herb Salad
Credit: © Tina Rupp

Top Bottles

  • Domaines Schlumberger Les Princes Abbés (France)
  • Chalone Vineyard (California)

Recipe Pairings

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