A couple of appealing whites to round out the end of the day, and the end of the week.

2006 Cono Sur Visión Chardonnay ($13) This would be your basic they-want-Chard-so-at-least-give-em-something-drinkable pour for cocktail parties or what have you. From Chile's Casablanca Valley, it's round but appealingly brisk, with generous pineapple and lime flavors.

2005 Vatistas Asproudi/Assyrtiko ($14) I had dinner last night with Thodoris Vatistas, the son of founder Yiannis Vatistas, at one of Manhattan's most appealing Greek restaurants, Pylos—appealing because while it somewhat updates the classic Greek culinary repertoire, it doesn't do so out of recognition, and because it nails that ideal vibe between low-key casual and East Village hip. Shorter version: the food's delicious, and it's a great place to hang out. We started the meal with this wine, which has the scent of lemon rins and great tart, citrusy, crisp flavors; mighty darn nice with grilled octopus, should you have an octopus on hand that needs grilling.