Sherry doesn't get enough love. It's one of the great wines of the world, but no one understands it, and basically, in this increasingly wine-obsessed country of ours, Sherry is sitting around moping by the phone while everyone else is going to the prom. (Partly this is because its sleazy little sister, the American stuff sold in jugs and labeled as cream sherry, will date anyone, especially winos and doddering old cat-ladies). In any case, I'm recommending a terrific dry sherry, the El Maestro Sierra Fino ($15/375ml), in my July column (not up for another week or so). Everyone should go out and buy it right now.

If you want more—and less frivolous—inside info on some great Sherries, check out my friend (and former colleague) Peter Liem's latest posts on his blog. Usually Peter is roaming around Champagne, but he just spent a week in Jerez tasting more than 300 sherries at an odd event called Vinobile, a celebration of sweet wines that, thank God, they moved to May from July—when I was there a few years ago, I found myself trying to taste vintage port in a tent under a 105˚ sun. Anyway, Peter's got a great palate and his picks are worth noting.