Sauvingnon Blanc

This aromatic white wine is a perennial favorite that ranks high on the pairability scale for any dishes involving shellfish, summer produce, herbs, and fresh cheeses like chèvre and feta. But long before the name Sauvignon Blanc became associated with the simple pleasures of citrusy sippers from New Zealand or California, the grape was famous for its starring role in the most notable appellations of France's Loire Valley. In Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc finds its purest, most mineral expression, recalling the chalky soils of the local terroir. In nearby Pouilly-Fumé, it often gives off a flinty or smoky (fumé) aroma. It's also made into tart varietal, unoaked and dry wines in Menetou-Salon, Reuilly and Quincy; into structured, elegant and frequently oaked wines in Bordeaux, where it's blended with Sémillon and Muscadelle; and has found great success in both Chile [] and South Africa.

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