On the off chance you happen to be visiting Mt. Desert Island in Maine, which is home to a good chunk of Acadia National Park, and find yourself in need of wine, I'd suggest you make a point of visiting Sawyer's Specialties in Southwest Harbor. I walked into this place the other day and was pretty much blown away by the selection–not just a lot of wine, but a lot of really terrific wine, from the kind of interesting, artisanal producers that are hard enough to track down in NYC, much less the far northeastern reaches of Maine. Owner/buyer Scott Worcester's suggestion the day I was there, the 2006 Aia de Colombi Falanghina, is right up there in the running (with the '06 Blanco Nieva Pie Franco that I recommended a few entries back) for my favorite new white this summer. Full-bodied but with enough verve to keep it light, loaded with flavor, and under $20–good juice indeed. No website, but the place is easy enough to find if you're on the island: 353 Main Street, Southwest Harbor, ME; 207-244-3317.