Yes, back from a vacation in Maine and once more able to breathe the fumes of New York without all those pesky ocean breezes and pine trees and whatnot messing things up. But, because research must always continue, even while sitting on a dock with a lobster in front of you, I have two things to note:

1. Lobster is very, very cheap right now. The Boston Globe reported on this in depth, and I'm here to report on it very shallowly: $7 a pound, two days ago. (For a live lobster, soft-shell, though I saw hardshells advertised at nearly the same price at another place.) This to me is a mighty fine thing.

2. Lobster tastes very good with the 2006 Ramey Russian River Valley Chardonnay ($38). It's a pricey bottle of Chardonnay, but Dave Ramey manages to balance classic Russian River apple and cream notes with exactly the right level of lively acidity, or at least manages to grow grapes that do that and then doesn't get in their way. Terrific white for rich seafood. Now, if only I could leave town again...