White Wine

White wine is much more than red wine’s summer sister. That’s not to say that on a hot day we don’t love a glass of refreshing, easy-drinking Vinho Verde or Pinot Gris (wines that the French call vins de soif—literally “wines of thirst”), but white wines can also be complex and expressive. Think of the layered flavors in a white Bordeaux or the tantalizing floral acidity of a dry Riesling. Whether we choose a bottle that’s honeyed and mellow or bright and crisp, white wines are a go-to for parties. They’re food-friendly and tend to be easier on the wallet than reds, in part because great whites can be enjoyed younger. For a list of white wine superstars, the best wines for beating the heat and a handbook to the world’s benchmark whites, check out our F&W guide to white wine.

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From golden apple and spice to flint-on-steel flavors, there’s more to these California whites than you might imagine.
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4 Sancerre Alternatives: Try These Bottles From Lesser-Known Wine Regions

Savvy wine shoppers should look for value in lesser-known AOCs like Menetou-Salon, Coteaux du Giennois, Reuilly, Touraine, and Quincy. These four wines are a great start.
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9 Spring White Wines To Be Drinking Right Now

As spring rears its damned gorgeous head and fills the air with the sweet perfumed scents of life “in bloom,” it must be met with equally explosive white wines of aromatic intensity and bright fruit character. So much intensity that the flowers will turn from the sun to bend toward your glass and birds will fall quiet with each popping cork, afraid that the wine will sing more beautifully than their own spring-y tweets. Hopefully these nine wines will inspire these righteous efforts.This article originally appeared on Liquor.com.
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Riesling-obsessed with nowhere to go? New York's upcoming Rieslingfeier draws Riesling nuts from far and wide. For those who can't make it, here are 5 great bottles to sample. 
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Australian White Wines

Australian wine pairings and their respective culinary matches, from seafood paired with riesling to Creole shrimp rolls with citrusy white wine.