Wisconsinites pay only a nickel in state taxes on each bottle, but buyers in Utah aren't so lucky.

By Lawrence Marcus
Updated May 23, 2017

The tax obsessives at the Tax Foundation have created a graphic that shows each U.S. state's tariff on Champagne and other sparkling wines. In most states, the tax is per-gallon, which means you'd divide each number by about 5 to get the per-bottle tax. So: Wisconsinites pay only a nickel to the state on each bottle (the lowest tax in the country), whereas Floridians pay 70 cents (the highest). While it's not so useful to know that you could save a penny per bottle by crossing the border between Massachusetts and Rhode Island, it's worth noting that Utah marks up all wine by an incredible 65.5 percent. If you live there and like wine, you've probably already considered stocking up during trips to any of the six surrounding states.