Here, a couple things Food & Wine's Kate Krader learned from her #girlcrush Drew Barrymore at this year's Classic in Aspen. 

Drew Barrymore | Classic in Aspen
© Galdones Photography/Food & Wine

Proof that you never know what great adventures you can have at the F&W Classic in Aspen: there I was, drinking Pinot Grigio with Drew Barrymore. Specifically the 2013 Barrymore Pinot Grigio she makes with winemaker Kris Kato. It's a super accessible, fun wine that is a lot like Drew, who is as adorable as you think she is."I won't produce an R rated movie," she says. "Maybe I've acted in one. I'm much more of an all ages party girl. I want to hang out with everybody.

Here are a couple things I now know from hanging out with my new food-loving #girlcrush Drew. I learned a lot; this is part 1 of two, which will include her favorite Game of Thrones wine.

She taught herself to cook.
She learned when she was pregnant with her first child. "When I found out I was pregnant, Literally, I couldn't boil water," she says. "I read coobooks. I watched food shows."

She takes time to feed her kids. Most nights.
"I buy organic. I've learned to grill a really good piece of salmon. But make no mistake; some nights its fish sticks and frozen peas."

She has awesome taste in restaurants.
She's a big fan of LA's terrific Egg Slut and Ramen Champ. "I did a ramen tour of Japan. Ramen Champ rivals the best ones I had."

She loves mac 'n cheese.
"Kraft Mac 'n cheese! Right out of the box! It's my guilty pleasure. I heard they're changing the recipe. If it's true, I'm starting a petition."