The subscription service offers a mix of content both new and vintage.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 07, 2019
thethomsn/Getty Images

The 2013 documentary Somm—and its two sequels and TV show—helped bring the world of sommeliers (and wine appreciation in general) further into the mainstream. Now, the people behind the film are hoping to broaden their scope and bring even more people into that world with a complete streaming platform: SommTV.

Currently available in what is being called a "charter period," SommTV is billed as "a new video streaming service that loves food and wine as much as you do." The platform promises to offer entirely new shows, films, footage, and educational masterclasses, as well as the archives of the Somm movies (including things like trailers) and additional licensed content. Access is currently priced at $9.99 per month or $74.99 per year, though that may change once the service has its full launch which is apparently slated for this coming March. Content can be streamed worldwide on the usual suspects of devices: Apple, Android, Amazon, etc.

"There's a massive changing landscape within the entertainment industry and the way people are digesting content. We had a lot of stuff we wanted to make, but we really couldn't because there wasn't a platform to put it on," Jason Wise, who directed the Somm films before creating SommTV," said according to Decanter. "This is for anybody who has wanted the inside baseball from many different fields within the culinary world. It provides insane access to wineries and kitchens that people could never go to or be a part of."

For now, the amount of content does feel a bit limited: For instance, the website touts the latest installment of a series called "The Master Experience," an episode on sake with Eduardo Dingler—but that's one of only three episodes that are currently available. Meanwhile, a series called "Cellar Stories" sounds extremely interesting—taking "a look at the stories behind bottles lost and found"—but for now, only one episode has been released, "1942 Chateau d'Yquem."

Essentially, if you're a diehard Somm lover, you might be itching to binge-watch everything SommTV has to offer. But if you're feeling overwhelmed with all the new streaming services that are out there, SommTV might be one to keep on your food TV radar as content continues to land on the platform.