Appliance brand Signature Kitchen Suite offers an app to track your wine collection and make recommendations based on it.
Credit: Signature Kitchen Suite

Imagine a wine rack that learns what you like and recommends new wines to try when you add a new bottle. This week, the luxury appliance brand Signature Kitchen Suite unveiled its new wine refrigerators that promise to do just that, thanks to help from the artificial intelligence-driven brand Wine Ring.

Available in 24- and 18-inch models, these high-tech wine fridges put the rack in your basement to shame. (And you pay for it. The Signature Kitchen Suite website lists the price of these built-in fridges as “Request a quote.”) Signature Kitchen Suite’s trademarked “Wine Cave” technology boasts the ability to reduce vibration, minimize temperature fluctuations, limit light exposure, and precisely control humidly — which, to be fair, are things any top-end wine fridge should focus on.

But these appliances’ coolest feature appears to be Signature Kitchen Suite’s True Sommelier App which promises to be “the first smart software that learns preferences and makes wine recommendations, including food and wine pairings, for individuals and groups based on the wines stored in the user's cellar.”

To create this app, Signature Kitchen Suite partnered with Wine Ring, an artificial intelligence-driven brand that has already been working with wine experts — including multiple Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers — to develop technology that can recommend new wines based on past selections. In fact, Wine Ring already offers a free app you can download without purchasing an extremely expensive wine fridge. However, according to Wine Ring, the True Sommelier App is the first to use its new Preference Intelligence Engine which utilizes AI to increase the accuracy of these recommendations by tracking which bottles are listed as being stored in the fridge over time. Wine Ring also says more partnerships are to come.

“Signature Kitchen Suite is leading thinking in wine storage,” Wine Ring co-founder and CEO Pam Dillon said in the announcement. “They are going beyond simply connecting kitchens to building kitchens that learn, and Wine Ring smart software helps power their vision.” Hopefully, pretty soon the wine fridges will even be able to drink the wine for us, and then we’ll have really streamlined the process.