19 Delicious Natural, Organic, and Biodynamic Rosés

These pink wines are unrefined and perfect in every way.

If it's pink… drink! That's always been my motto, no matter the season. People who only drink rosé in the summer are probably used to filtered, translucent wines in a beautiful glass bottle, but top organic and biodynamic wine producers believe rosé is ready to go back to its unrefined, natural roots.

Vintners and winemakers all over the world are creating some delicious natural rosés, sometimes using biodynamic cultivation, a 10,000-year-old organic, agriculturally holistic, and labor-intensive farming style that relies on a moon-and-star calendar for guidance. This delicate viticulture of whole cluster fermentation is thought to reap the grapes' purest flavor and unparalleled delicacy, revealing creamy, smoky, velvety, fleshy, and funky characteristics. Need I say more? Here are 19 of our favorites.

2019 Mezzacorona Winery Rosato, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy ($10)

The vintners from Mezzacorona control pests using the sexual confusion method, using local hand-harvested Teroldego grapes from the Piana Rotaliana in the Trentino Alto Adige region. Dark berries and fresh acidity balance out the Rosato's earthy and full mouthfeel thanks to the unique biodynamic soil from the Adige River and early hand-harvested grapes. Perfect as an aperitif, or with grilled chicken and mushrooms.

2019 Palmer Vineyards Rosé of Merlot, Long Island ($21)

The aromas of this effervescent rosé tickle your nose hairs when opened, and the explosion of fruits and spices titillate your palate. This citrus rosé gets its color from Merlot grapes, which are sustainably farmed in their North Fork vineyard. Perfect on a hot Northeast summer day at the beach paired with a traditional clambake.

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2019 Commanderie de Peyrassol Cotes de Provence Rosé ($22)

This wine is a classic staple among wine enthusiasts for good reason. Its pale and soft pink hue comes from grapes that are organically farmed and cultivated from environmentally friendly matured vines. This Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah blend has crisp gooseberry and raspberry flavors that leave a touch of silky mineral finish.

2019 Rorick Heritage Vineyards, Queen of the Sierras Rosé, Calaveras County ($21)

This medium-bodied unfiltered rosé by winemaker Matthew Rorick is made with grapes organically farmed, estate - grown Zinfandel, Tempranillo, and Grenache noir grapes from schist and limestone-rich soiled vineyards. The rosé flavors are bright, zippy, and acidic, with strawberries playing against amazing salinity.

Outdoor Table Setting with Bellissima Rosé Wine

2019 Bellissima Sparkling Rosé, Veneto, Italy ($16)

Supermodel Christie Brinkley's Bellissima sparkling rosé wine lives up to its Italian namesake. It tastes beautiful. Made with organic Pinot Grigio grapes from Veneto, this elegant sparkling semi-sweet and dry rosé is bright with notes of strawberries and grapefruit.

2019 Thibaud Boudignon Rosé de Loire, Loire Valley ($25)

Thibaud's biodynamic and organic rosé is bone dry and crafted from Cabernet Franc grapes rooted in schist soil, giving the wine flavors of red fruit such as strawberry and watermelon, with white pepper, and flower petals. The direct press method makes this rosé fresh, bright, and ridiculously easy to drink in the summer and is a true "food rosé," so enjoy it with charcuterie or grilled seafood.

2019 Bonterra Rosé, Mendocino County ($16)

This Grenache based dry rosé delivers fresh hints of pineapple, key lime, and strawberry on the nose with stimulating flavors of peach, strawberry, pomegranate, and watermelon on the palate, with a lasting finish of exotic spices and minerals. Sip this complex and unique rosé all year 'round.

2019 Santa Julia Organica Rosa, Mendoza, Argentina ($10)

A blend of intense blackberries, sweet red fruits, and strawberries will be recognized in the first sip of this medium-bodied watermelon - hued wine. Produced with 100% organic Malbec grapes and sustainable farming and composting practices by winemaker Julia Zuccardi and her family.

2019 ZAFA Winery “Lust for Life” Pét-Nat Rosé, Burlington, Vermont ($43)

Winemaker Krista Scrugg's motto "Just fucking fermented juice" makes sense because that's exactly what her sparkling wines are: co-fermented grapes and apples sourced from biodynamic and organically farmed Vermont vineyards. This Frontenac Gris is a delicious, unfiltered sparkling wine of foot tread grapes with maple syrup that's added toward the end of the second fermentation.

2019 La Garagista Winery, Lupo in Bocca Rosé, Barnard, Vermont ($45)

Lupo in Bocca Rosé is a sparkly and highly acidic biodynamic Frontenac Gris with a medium body. Its intense fruity flavors of apples, raspberry, peach, strawberry rhubarb, and hints of loam are layered and nuanced in the first sip. Enjoy on a long hot day with grilled steak and green pepper kabob.

2019 Martha Stoumen Winery Post Flirtation Rosé, Mendocino County ($20)

Bright, acid, fruity notes of strawberry make this salmon-colored, organically farmed half Zinfandel, half Negromaro a keeper. Pomegranate and rhubarb add a touch of bitter and tart as mineral notes round out the palate. Pairs well with cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto or grilled chicken thighs.

2019 Channing Daughters Winery, Rosato di Cabernet Franc, Long Island ($23)

The East End of Long Island is reminiscent of summer near the ocean in Provence, which is why this crisp, coppery pale pink rosé is perfect for right now. This rosé is farmed and sustainably sourced from organically grown Cabernet Franc grapes. Aromas of sweet sherry balance the mineral and acid forward notes of watermelon, currant, and raspberries with a strawberry and lemon finish.

Frey Vineyards Organic Natural Rosé, Mendocino County ($9)

Frey Organic Rosé is a semi-sweet dry blush blend of organically grown Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel grapes. Upon opening, you'll note the aromas of fresh-picked strawberries, crisp raspberries, and rose petals. Sophisticated floral flavors sit on the tongue with a fruit-forward medium-bodied red berry finish.

JuneShine Organic Canned Kombucha Rose, California ($5 a can)

Canned wines can get a bad rap, but when it comes to those crisp flavors you love in a rosé, JuneShine is excellent. It's a refreshingly smooth, hard kombucha rosé made with organic red wine grapes. This gluten-free, low calorie, non-GMO wine is fizzy and effervescent down to the last sip.

2019 HoM Rosé, Spain ($15)

Biodynamic and organic vintner Robert Eden sourced 100% organically grown Spanish Grenache grapes to create this coral-colored rosé blend. Similar to a Provence style wine, HoM has flavors of fresh strawberries and raspberries that go down silky smooth and coat the mouth and finish off with a light-bodied and mineral crisp finish. Great paired with tomato, basil, and mozzarella on a hot day.

2019 Pratsch Organic Rose, Austria ($13)

This dry, perky rosé of biodynamic and organic Zweigelt grapes offers quaint notes of melon and red raspberry and zippy acidity. Its crisp, mouthwatering and juicy flavors of wild cherries and peach stimulate the palate as the hints of strawberry, rose petals, and lemon are gentle on the nose.

2019 L’Auratae Winery Organic Rosé, Sicily, Italy ($10)

This salmon-colored rosé by eco-friendly Sicilian winemaker Stefano Chioccioli is fairly lively and vibrant, made from sustainably harvested and organically grown Nero d'Avola grapes. Fresh aromas of citrus fruit, orange blossom and hints of red fruit tickle the nose while the mix of strawberries, peach, and raspberries notes come forward and balance out the acidity as it sits.

2019 Hampton Water Winery, Hampton Water Rosé, Languedoc-Roussillon, France ($20)

Musician Jon Bon Jovi has created some great hits over the years, and now you can add his rosé to the list. Born in France, made in the Hamptons, this dry, floral rosé is sourced with organically farmed Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvedre grapes from the South of France. Smooth and sophisticated notes of strawberries, lemon, grapefruit with a short, mineral crisp finish.

2019 Frog Leap Winery, La Grenouille Rougante Pink, Napa Valley, California ($23)

This classic Provencal-style light pink rosé from sustainably farmed grape varietals is bright, fruity, and flavorful. Rhubarb and raspberry hit you on the first sip, ending with a slight lemon finish. Crispy and dry, it's a summer fave.

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