What's the perfect pairing for that glass of rosé? This rosé-inspired candle.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Yes Way Rosé's first candle

Ever since they first launched the Yes Way Rosé Instagram account way back when, I've been a huge fan of Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir's wine-centric enterprise—after all, what's not to love about a lifestyle brand built around unbridled fangirl-level enthusiasm for pink wine?

This week, the duo launched one of their (imho) best products yet: the Yes Way Rosé Eau de Rosé Vibes candle ($45)—a waxy tribute to their favorite wine that's hand-poured in Brooklyn and infused with the scent of fresh rose petals, blonde woods, and white musk. Now, not only can you wear and carry your love of rosé loudly and proudly, you can steep yourself in rosé-scented air at home, at the office, and wherever you go.

"We worked on developing the candle for about six months with Brooklyn fragrance studio Joya," Blumenthal tells Food & Wine. "At first we went after a fragrance that tapped more literally into the tasting notes of rosé, but learned they taste better than they smell. When we switched the approach to focus on the greater picture of Yes Way Rosé—the qualities of the wine, which is fresh, crisp, dry and all-around good vibes—we landed on Eau de Rosé Vibes."

Not only does the candle smell fantastic, it's also a killer color—a perfect peachy-pink that's become the brand's signature hue. "We are crazy about getting the color right in everything we do," Blumenthal says. "We want it to reflect that beyond-gorgeous shade of Provence Rosé."

Since we can't think of anything better right now than lighting a rosé-inspired candle and pouring ourselves a glass of wine (it's five o'clock somewhere OK?) we asked for their ultimate rosé candle pairing picks.

"From an aesthetic and taste perspective, Summer Water is a strong pairing," Blumenthal says. "The candle is fresh with a delicate spice and Summer Water is Provence-inspired with a juicy California edge, so there's an unexpected element to both."

As for what Blumenthal and Huganir are drinking right now? "We popped open a bottle of Bellavista sparkling rosé from Italy's Franciacorta region when we finished the candle—and that proved a killer combination," she says. "Lighting up a pink candle while sipping on dry rosé bubbly made for an exceptional celebration."

Eau de Rosé Vibes candle, $45 at Yes Way Rosé