Rosé Wine

Rosé, that delightfully pink drink that occupies the space between red and white on the wine color spectrum, is now a widely popular choice in warm weather months. Rosé can be made from just about any red wine grape variety, so it’s produced in varied hues and styles—from pale, light, and crisp to deeply-fruited and almost fuchsia-colored–all over the world. Its most famous home, however, is the Provence region of southern France, where chilled salmon-hued wines made from the Grenache grape have been sating thirsty Côte d’Azur sunbathers from time immemorial. Rosé gets its color from a short period of contact with the grape skins during fermentation, and although some serious and ageworthy examples exist, it’s largely, as Ray Isle puts it, a pleasant, inexpensive “wine of the moment.”

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