Riesling Pairings

Sheep-Cheese Soufflés

Wrongly maligned as overly sweet, good Riesling has a brightness and balance that make it delicious with an astonishing range of foods. Here, a look at six of the most important styles of Riesling, from steely to luscious, with recipes to match. — Megan Krigbaum

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Steely & Dry Rieslings

Steely & Dry Riesling Wine Pairings
Snapper with Charred Tomatillos & Pepper Salsa

These bright, citrusy Rieslings are similar to Sauvignon Blanc. They're delicious with foods that have "green" flavors, like the lime, jalapeño and tomatillo in this snapper dish. Their vibrant acidity and minerality can also be terrific with rich dishes flavored with a squeeze of lime, like beef curry.

Wines to Seek Out:
Most Australian Rieslings

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Rich & Dry Rieslings

Coq au Riesling

Much like white Burgundy, full-bodied Rieslings are great with earthy flavors and perfect with luscious sauces like the ones in the dishes here.

Wines to Seek Out:
Alsatian Rieslings and smaragd bottlings from Austria

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Moderately Sweet Rieslings

Drunken Noodles

If a dish is so intense or fiery that beer seems the only option, try an off-dry Riesling instead. The extra sugar in the wine counters the heat, while the chiles in the dish make the wine taste less sweet.

Wines to Seek Out:
Traditional German Kabinetts and most New Zealand Rieslings

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Distinctly Sweet Rieslings

Honey-Soy-Roasted Pork with Braised Vegetables

Whether light or decadent, dishes that combine sweet and savory flavors work best with sweet Rieslings that still have refreshing acidity.

Wines to Seek Out:
Semisweet Finger Lakes wines and traditional German Spätleses

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