I'd meant to post this on Wednesday, but, well, one thing led to another and here it is post-Thanksgiving. What can you do? Other than be a more responsible blogger, that is?

In any case, here's another mighty fine red that isn't extraordinarily cheap, but still offers terrific value for the money:

2001 Marqués de Cáceres Reserva Rioja ($23)
Made from vines averaging thirty years old, and in an extraordinarily high-quality Rioja vintage, this red is very aromatic and polished, with a lovely, silky mouthfeel, aromas and flavors of ripe raspberry and black cherry, and supple tannins. As is usually the case with Cáceres's primary wines, it lives on a line mid-point between traditional and modern. It could age for eight to ten years, says Christina Forner, whose family owns the winery; or you could say why not, and drink it now.

Speaking of turkey wine, or at least of turkeys, if you're bored and/or beleaguered by work (it's Monday, after all) and have nothing better to do, here's an essay I wrote a while back about being attacked by a wild turkey, which was published various places (the link is to I realized not too long afterwards that whatever else you can say about them, wine grapes rarely fly at you and try to scratch your face off with big claws. Such is the logic that drives us into our varied careers.