Drew Barrymore talks to Food & Wine's Kate Krader about the launch of her second wine, a Pinot Noir. Called Drew's Blend by Carmel Road Winery, it will hit the market in September.

Drew Barrymore | Classic in Aspen

"Pinot Grigio is like my first crush," says Drew Barrymore. "It's what I used to drink with my girlfriends, when I was younger. It made the world luxurious and romantic." I’m hanging out with the charming star at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen and she is talking about why she decided to make her very first Barrymore Wine a Pinot Grigio.

Now Drew is getting ready to launch her second wine, a Pinot Noir. Woo Hoo! Called Drew's Blend by Carmel Road Winery, it will hit the market in September. In preparation for that she went around the world tasting Pinots to see what style she liked best (a lot of them, it turns out). But Drew’s a California girl and so the wine is made entirely from Monterey grapes. She says its got lovely spiciness and earthiness, too; I’m impatiently waiting to taste it.

Meanwhile, here’s Drew on wine as a wedding gift and what she’d serve to a Game of Thrones character.

Gifts. "I used to send flowers as a gift. And you know how close I am to flowers [Flower Beauty is the name of her make-up line]. But flowers die. Now I send wine.”

Wedding registry. "Half of my registry was at a wine place. You could buy us any varietal, any price. Each bottle came with a tag that said who the wine was from: Love, the Goldbergs. I could grab that bottle and say, 'let's dine with the Goldbergs tonight.'"

Pairings. To go with her Pinot Grigio, Drew loves pasta, but also sushi. "And it's great with kick-ass spicy Thai food." Another favorite: halibut Milanese, a breadcrumb-coated fish dish she came up with in her kitchen one day.

Favorite part of winemaking process. "Drinking it." (YES.)

Game of Thrones. If she could give Khaleesi any wine it would be her new Pinot, Drew's Blend. "Pinot is like the blood of dragons,” says Drew, who was famously photographed with a Mother of Dragons tee-shirt in homage to the show. "By the way, Jon Snow is coming back," she adds, about one of the show’s stars who [Spoiler alert!] was unexpectedly killed in the show's season five finale. "Reference your Vanity Fair cover, people."