Red Wine

It’s a good time to be a fan of red wine. Not only have doctors approved it as part of a heart-healthy diet, but from Argentina to Sardinia, vineyards are producing delicious new vintages and reviving lost varietals. Red wine gets its color because the grape juice is left in contact with the skins. After that, much depends on the grape, the terroir and the winemaker: red wine can be fruity or dry, full- or light-bodied. Whether you prefer a juicy New World Cabernet Sauvignon or a traditional, easy-drinking Côtes du Rhône from France, F&W’s guide to red wine will help you choose the right bottle to match your meal. It also includes guides to reds by region, editors’ picks for value wines, plus tips and recipes for when you want to use your wine for cooking.

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25 Splurge-Worthy California Reds

These wines represent what I consider to be some of the best high-end bottles in the state—and, for many of them, the world.
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10 Great Pinot Noirs From New Winemaking Talent and Visionary Risk-Takers

Pinot Noir’s high-maintenance personality (“I can’t grow here because it’s too cold; I can’t grow here because it’s too hot; I certainly can’t grow there­—it’s clearly far too wet”) means that only a few wine regions produce great examples. And yet, as demand grows and grows, new Pinot sources do appear, whether due to bursts of new winemaking talent or vineyards planted by visionary risk-takers.
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Get to Know Grenache

Grown everywhere from southern France to central Spain to coastal California to Australia’s sunlit hills, Grenache is the greatest, most widely planted, yet (weirdly) little-known grape around.
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More Red Wine

We Taste Test Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's $40 Royal Wedding Pinot Noir

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex poured Domaine Eden Pinot Noir from Mount Eden Vineyards for guests of the royal wedding this spring. We tasted the wine from California—here's our verdict.
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Best $20-and-Under Fall Red Wines

Early fall is an important time to stock up on wine—you’ve got plenty of important holidays and entertaining ahead after all. So here is a list of some of the best, easy-drinking, delicious, red wines that come in at $20 and under. Now get out there and pick up as many of these gems as you can. —Jonathan Cristaldi