Licataa only built 4 sparkling red wine lovers.
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Wu-Tang fans in New York have gotten a special sparkler to pop just in time for the holidays: Clan member Raekwon has released his own brand of Lambrusco called Licataa.

Though Lambrusco – an Italian sparkling red wine that is significantly less well-known than its white cousins like Prosecco – might seem like an odd choice, Raekwon said he believes it was a logical next step. “As my career continues to evolve becoming involved in the world of wine, this was something I felt was a perfect fit,” he said at a launch event according to HipHopDX. “What I choose to deliver here is an affordable luxury. Wine gives people a different feeling than ‘the liquor.’ It’s got a grown vibe. But I don’t believe you need to go into debt just to get a bottle of wine — I still want to reach those people who were with me from the jump — but I still want people to get an authentic experience of the high life.”

Licataa Lambrusco
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Raekwon reportedly took a very active role in developing the wine, which retails for $35, traveling to Italy and joining in on tastings to determine the final product. “We went to seek a vineyard and a manufacturer to make, and import, the wine,” Rashida Walter, Raekwon’s business partner and manager, was quoted as saying. “The wine community is elated … because we’ve taken the correct approach. Raekwon sat down with a sommelier to be critiqued and guided.”

To that end, the rapper knows his tasting notes. “It's a velvety, smooth taste that still has a little sparkling feeling to it,” Raekwon told Wine Spectator. “Licataa won't be something that you feel like is a little too dry, or too fruity; [it's] right in the middle.” The name also is true to the wines roots, coming for a Sicilian town that Raekwon says was “where a lot of people that were immigrants to America came from.”

Though currently only available from select retailers in New York, Licataa is slated to arrive in places like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, and New Jersey early next year. Time to start saving your dolla dolla bills, y’all.