brooklyn winery

© Ben Kilgust
Brooklyn Winery owners Brian Leventhal, Conor McCormack and John Stires.

Manhattanites can live out their Napa Valley fantasies at the hip City Winery. Starting in September, Brooklynites will be able to make their own wine, too—all without crossing the East River. Brian Leventhal, Conor McCormack (the winemaker from San Francisco’s Crushpad and John Stires are opening Brooklyn Winery, an 8,500-square-foot urban winery in Williamsburg. Wannabe-winemakers can go through every step of the winemaking process, from stomping the grapes to bottling their wine with custom-designed labels in five sessions that can span eight months or longer.

Prices range from $3,550 for 150 bottles (a half-barrel) to $5,700 for 300 bottles (a full barrel). Those interested can already start signing up to make custom or community barrels here. A wine bar selling wine, beer and small plates will open at year’s end.