Released to coincide with the season eight premiere, this collection of “yine” is sure to please any fan.

portlandia wine
Credit: Courtesy of Augusta Quirk /  IFC

If you were looking for something to bring to your next honorable and rockin’ party, look no further than winemaker Lot18 and IFC’s newest collection: Portlandia wines. To coincide with the premiere of the show's eighth and final season premiere, the cable network and online wine retailer are letting fans bring home a taste of one of TV’s funniest comedies.

You won’t be able to pickle them, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying one or all four of the newly released blends that come straight from Oregon, Portlandia’s neck of the woods.

Inspired by famous characters and segments from Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen and rocker Carrie Brownstein’s half-hour absurdist series, the wine collection would be a perfect addition to your brunch or home theater experience.

The four blends include “Brunch Village,” “2016 Women and Women First Willamette Valley Pinot Noir,” “2014 Weirdo Rogue Valley Syrah,” and “2016 This Is an Art Project Languedoc-la-Clape Rosé.”

The first calls to one of the series' most food-focused parodies, a season two episode written in part by the writer of The Simpsons famous “Steamed Hams” joke. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait in line for Brunch Village, “a ripe, fleshy Pinot Gris” that, according to Lot 18, offers drinkers tropical and stone fruit flavors with a bright acidity and dry finish. The 2016 Women and Women First Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is inspired by one of the show’s most famous character duos: Candace and Toni, the owners of Portlandia’s Feminist Bookstore. The Pinot Noir is described as the “next best thing to sip with a collection of feminist essays,” and includes flavors of raspberry, black tea, and rose petal, as well as a touch of toasted oak.

The 2014 Weirdo Rogue Valley Syrah is a tribute to some of the weirdest characters in Portlandia (and that’s really saying something). The intensely dark red and full bodied (or bloodied?) blend contains the essence of blackberry, red plum, and smoked meat, with a touch of sweetness courtesy of the toasted oak notes. Finally, with the 2016 This Is an Art Project Languedoc-la-Clape Rosé, you can turn your drinking session into its own experimental art project. This rosé, which features fresh, juicy flavors of strawberry, white peach, and grapefruit with pleasant minerality on the finish, should probably be framed.

Individual bottles start at $18 and go for as much as $30. You can get Lot18 and IFC’s exclusive Portlandia collection for a limited time online by the bottle, as a collection of four, or as a full case (12 bottles).