By Lawrence Marcus
Updated May 23, 2017

You don't have to be a hoarder or deep-pocketed auction-goer to drink well-aged wine. Here, we spotlight affordable old bottles to buy now.

Broadbent 10 Years Old Malmsey Madeira: Here’s one great thing about Madeira: Once opened it will last unrefrigerated for months, if not longer, because it’s maderized. That means that during aging producers deliberately apply heat and oxygen to the wine to replicate the effects of an extended voyage at sea. Such conditions are far worse than anything the sweet dessert wine will encounter in your home. So drink a glass now while you bake pies to freeze, then serve the rest at the conclusion of Thanksgiving dinner. (And if there’s any left, you could probably get away with pouring it next year, too.)

The (Wonderful) Effects of Age: The 10-year designation indicates the age of the youngest wine that’s part of this bottle’s blend, and there are plenty of indications that this is indeed an old, oxidized wine: It’s brown, the fruit flavors veer toward dried and it’s incredibly nutty—pecanesque, specifically. There is a lot of brown-sugar sweetness, but it’s offset by just enough orange-zest acidity.

Drink It With: Pecan pie, not just for the matching flavors, but because this is one of the few dessert wine sweet enough to deal with a gooey corn-syrup filling. (It will be great with apple or pumpkin pie, too.)

Best Price Online: $35 at Wine House. (Find more stores.)