By Noah Kaufman
Updated November 12, 2014
Credit: © Pop Chart Lab

What is Merlot’s connection to Barbera? How many grapes come from Romania? Have you even heard of Vranac?

All these are questions you can answer by following the long, winding genealogy of 640 varieties of wine grapes, developed through some laborious research by the folks at Pop Chart Labs. They have the world of oversize alcohol infographics pretty well locked down, having previously brought us detailed charts of your favorite film characters’ cocktails of choice, every beer style in the world and the martini mixology wheel (to name a few).

But for their wine work, the Pop Chart Labs folks spent 18 months looking at genetic data on different grapes and connecting them in one, if not easy to follow, at least incredibly detailed chart. And it looks good, too. If you’re a wine lover or just wine curious, here’s where you can get a print of the family tree to hang on your wall and look at more in-depth.