By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 28, 2018
Courtesy of Enosis Meraviglia

The robot revolution has come to Italy, but there’s nothing to fear. Unlike in Terminator, these robots aren’t here to kill us; they’re here to get us drunk.

Dr. Donato Lanati heads Enosis Meraviglia, a Piedmont-based wine research company. According to The Drinks Business, his latest project looks more like R2-D2 than your usual fermenting vessels – and much like the famous Star Wars robot, its abilities go far beyond its appearance.

The Genesis wine robot has sensors that can measure sugar potential, pH levels and extractable anthocyanins while also controlling winemaking techniques like maceration, oxygenation and racking. Size-wise, the smart machine isn’t much bigger than a human, and yet it’s able to make about 11 cases of wine at a time from over 400 pounds of grapes.

“The almost-human extraterrestrial has a superior mind, but especially a big heart,” Lanati was quoted as saying. So even if one day robots do turn on their human creators, at least maybe they’ll try to woo us with fine wine before they turn to violence.