Credit: © Ora TV Media

William Shatner knows space. William Shatner knows travel deals. And William Shatner now knows wine. Or at least he likes talking about it.

In his web series, Brown Bag Wine Tasting, on Ora TV, Shatner does blind wine tasting with everyone from LeVar Burton to Miss South Carolina to a professional clown. He then makes them describe their wine in words that mean something to them, not “the regular terms like vanilla and strawberry.”

A favorite moment for us is when Dominic, a self-described “modern entrepreneur” (a.k.a. a marijuana dealer), claims his glass of Patriarche Blanc smells like soda. Another is when a cosmetic surgeon from L.A. describes his Syrah as sour, like “how someone would feel after they look in to the mirror and see the wrinkles on their face before we treat them,” and smooth “like you feel when you have had all your hair lasered off and you feel your skin for the first time.”

We don’t know what it is about Shatner, but he has a way of pulling amazing sound bites out of everyone he talks to. In addition to drinking some good wine, he says his goal is to explore the psyche of his guests.

That’s fine with us, but honestly we could just listen to him talk all day long about anything.

The most recent episode is below.