Joey Wolffer of Long Island's Wolffer Estate is bringing back the Hamptons' bohemian past with free-spirited parties and a mobile fashion business that she runs out of former potato chip trucks.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated May 23, 2017
  • Joey Wölffer, co-owner of Long Island’s Wölffer Estate, comes from a long line of passionate party throwers. “My parents had the best parties. When I was little and this area was still just potato fields, everyone would come in over the fences and through the fields for a huge party every summer. It was crazy,” she says. Wölffer goes for that same free spirited vibe at parties at home as well as at the winery, including her favorite celebration, the winery's annual harvest party. “It’s the most fun thing of the year. We have all different food vendors. Everything is included with your ticket. There’s a band, wine crushing, barrel races, all kinds of fun stuff,” she says. This year’s party is October 11th at the winery in Sagaponack.
  • Parties at home in Sag Harbor, which she hosts with her husband Max Rohn (the winery’s GM), include raffia rugs spread over the lawn for picnic-style eating and impromptu dancing. “Our dinner parties have turned into some great dance parties. Unfortunately the neighbors can see us but luckily no one has complained about us yet,” she says. Wölffer also channels her Bohemian style in the Styleliner, her mobile fashion business. Check out her Instagram and Tumblr feeds for inspiration.