Tucked between Turkey and Russia on the coast of the black sea, the small country makes some fascinating wines.
Georgian Wines
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The latest wine region winning over sommeliers is probably not where you'd expect it to be: It’s in the Caucasus nation of Georgia, where wine-making has been going on for 8,000 years, and the wines range from bright and crisp to downright exotic. Try these three to start.

2014 Vinoterra Mtsvane, $16: Herbal and faintly salty, this native white variety takes on a golden hue and rich texture due to being aged for six months in qvevri (clay urns).

2016 Pheasant's Tears Saperavi, $18: Earthy and so dark it’s almost black, this bottling made from Georgia’s most significant red grape variety is a great introduction to the country’s wines.

2014 Orgo Rkatsiteli, $25: Lightly honeyed and incredibly fresh, this impressive white also has red-esque tannins, due to contact with grape skins during the aging process. Try it with roast pork loin or, if you’re feeling especially Georgian, a platter of chkmeruli (chicken in a spicy garlic sauce).