Our favorites from one of Italy's most exciting wine regions.

By Carson Demmond
Updated June 13, 2017
© De Agostini/Getty Images

The area turns out aromatic, richly fruity wines with a remarkable amount of stylistic diversity. Their Alpine snap and sea-air freshness make them so good with food, it's no wonder that American sommeliers are scooping up as many bottles as they can.

2014 Villa Russia Collio Friulano ($26)
From one of the prettiest estates in the region, with a 19th-century castle overlooking vine-laden hills. Their Friulano offers a floral-and-almond scent that's a hallmark of the grape.

2014 Edi Keber Collio Bianco ($32)
This classic blend of Friulano, Malvasia and Ribolla Gialla ekes out every last bit of minerality from the ponca soil—a sort of stony marl that blankets the Collio hills. A great starter bottle.

2014 Ronchi di Cialla ‘Cialla Bianco' Friuli Colli Orientali ($35)
This winery sprung from Paolo Rapuzzi's passion for Friuli's native grapes—like the Ribolla Gialla, Picolit and Verduzzo in this concentrated yet crisp white.

2015 Venica & Venica Pètris Collio Malvasia ($36)
Gianni, Giorgio and Giampaolo Venica are white-wine masters. Their luscious Malvasia shows off the almost-tropical fruitiness the grape is known for, with a briny minerality.

2008 Radikon Venezia-Giulia Ribolla Gialla ($45 for 500 ml)
Stanko Radikon macerates his Ribolla Gialla (i.e., ferments the grapes in contact with the skins), resulting in a copper-tinged wine structured more like a red than a traditional white.