My French is pretty good, or at least it used to be when I had a chance to practice it more often. That said, I've never been comfortable ordering certain Champagnes for fear of committing a faux pas (that's FOE PAH) and mispronouncing them. Our diligent wine editors have set me straight, and the next time you order Perrier-Jouet, be sure to ask for PERRY-yay jew-ETT, and if it's a bottle of Moet you're after, put in a request for mow-ETT. While we're at it, the next time you see the set menu, or prix fixe, know that it's pronounced PREE-FEEX. And unless you're in Chicago, where you can't order it in any language, the luscious fattened duck or goose liver on the menu is pronounced FWAH-GRAH.