Yes, it’s true. Another post about Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, New York. But this time I get to write about actually eating there. This past Saturday, I had the great fortune of celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday there with a wine-soaked feast. Between eight people, we drank 11 bottles of fantastic wine, running the gamut from a fresh, palate-prickling Gosset Champagne to a velvety, rich, surprisingly-still-alive 1977 Burgess Cellars Cabernet. The food was fabulously tasty and fresh—the house-cured coppa was to die for. But the things I loved most about this utterly hedonistic dining experience were the little touches of whimsy throughout the meal. A plate of beet and goat cheese “sliders” came on a plate full of sesame seeds so you could coat your own bun. Alarmingly green and orange powders served with hearty whole grain bread were actually just salts made with dehydrated arugula and carrots and meant for dipping. And my favorite: the individual-sized, covered-glass casserole dishes used to serve sweet chunks of lobster in a buttery, herby broth. Pyrex never looked so sexy.