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6 Common Myths About Sweet Wine
Wine pros weigh in on why dessert wine gets such a bad rap, and why it's such an exciting category.
Poached Pears in Muscat
Languedoc and Mediterranean France make beautifully aromatic, sweet Muscat dessert wines that soak into these poached pears. This recipe, which writer Steve Hoffman tasted in the town of Autignac, replaces the usual sugar with honey and counters the sweetness and floral notes of the reduced wine with some of the resinous and earthy aromas of the area's famous wild scrubland, namely bay, thyme, and fennel. A knife inserted into a poached pear should encounter about the same resistance as room-temperature butter. 
Moscato Pound Cake with Grape Glaze
A dream of reuniting with friends and loved ones in 2021 for a Juneteenth celebration inspired writer Nicole A. Taylor's recipe for Moscato Pound Cake with Grape Glaze. Moscato gives this cake a lighter, more tender crumb than a typical pound cake while also imparting a subtle sweetness. Freeze-dried grapes bring vibrant color to the glaze. If you like, you can substitute lime juice in place of Moscato in the glaze for a brighter pink color.
The Best Moscato Wines to Buy Right Now
Here's the thing about Moscato: A lot of them are actually complex and delicious.
Germany's Ice Wine Harvest Wiped Out Due to Warm Temperatures
It's "the first year in which the ice harvest has failed nationwide," according to a German wine marketing group.

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