Earlier this week, I popped into my old stomping grounds, Crush Wine & Spirits (I worked there on the sales floor a few years ago). Summer is typically the slow season for New York City wine shops so I expected everyone to have some down time to chat, but instead I was pulled into a very serious blind tasting—of sorts. Rather than going through a batch of under $20 Pinot Noirs or some such, we tasted six coconut waters. Tom Stephenson, Crush's GM, told me, “I was sick of the huge price discrepancy between all the brands and not knowing which was best.”

My two favorites: O.N.E. was the lightest and most refreshing, while actual fresh water drained from a young coconut tasted the most like the fruit (appropriately enough). The rest, including fresh water from an older coconut, tasted either oddly tangy, sweet or just off. Considering that opening a fresh coconut requires a machete whereas O.N.E. comes in an easy-to-open TetraPak, I think I’ll stick with O.N.E. The results were not unanimous, however, so look for more details, including the full lineup of what was tasted, over at the Crush Blog.