The bottles will be adorned with golden street maps.

By Gillie Houston
Updated June 07, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Moët & Chandon

As anyone who's watched Wayne's World knows, Champagne comes from France. But one iconic producer, Moët & Chandon, is giving itself an American twist. The brand has created limited-edition labels for their Nectar Imperial Rosé Champagne that will spotlight ten cities including New York and Los Angeles.

Credit: Courtesy of Moët & Chandon

According to Luxury Daily, the centuries-old company—which was founded in 1743 in Épernay, France by its namesake, Claude Moët—has been making an active effort to modernize and—of course—appeal to millennials. The new, customized bottles are an effort to expand the reach of the distinctly French brand. "Moët & Chandon is forever physically and culturally rooted in a small piece of the planet, an area called Champagne," says brand director Keith Howard. "Our sense of place in the world underscores the essence and the DNA of the brand. So, the idea of offering an elegant homage to ten iconic cities in the United States was a natural step," he adds. The bottles themselves will be adorned with a golden street map of the city or state in question, along with the location's abbreviation.

In addition to New York and L.A., the other regions that will get their own customized bottles include Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Ohio, Texas, the Bay Area and "DMV" for Washington, Maryland and Virginia. The company is also encouraging consumers to visit their site and "raise a glass to the city that raised [them]" by uploading images of their hometowns using the customized Moet city filters. Those who contribute to the user-generated project will also have the chance to win a trip to the brand's own hometown of Épernay.

The limited-edition city bottles will be sold for $69.99 a pop, or in a wood collector's case of ten for $750.