Courtesy of Georg Jensen

When it comes to gifts for fizz fanatics, why not think outside the bottle? Here, the best of the season.

Ray Isle
Updated May 24, 2017
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A book to covet

David White’s new But First, Champagne is 
a comprehensive, smartly written guide to the world’s greatest sparkling wine, with in-depth profiles of every major house and independent grower. $30;

A designer saber

Whacking the top off 
a Champagne bottle with a sword always impresses (at least if you do it right—check out our how-to video). This sleek, mirror-finished blade 
will only add to the drama of the moment. $200;

The ultimate champagne preserver

Top sommeliers swear by the Perlage system, a dome-like container that keeps opened Champagne in a pressurized CO2-filled environment and full 
of fizz for over a week. Now home connoisseurs can try it, too. $200;