Food & Wine's Editor-in Chief Dana Cowin shares her story of why she never went to cooking school.

By Dana Cowin
Updated May 23, 2017

Ever since I became Editor of Food & Wine, I’ve wanted to go to cooking school. But I’ve been too embarrassed. In taking a class, I’d surely expose my lack of technical skills. Then, last year, I came clean and decided to ask my chef friends for private lessons—an experience I wrote about in a book, Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen. Talking to people about the book project, I was excited to discover that so many F&W readers also want to improve their cooking, whether they are neophytes or wannabe Thomas Kellers. This thirst for knowledge has resulted in a lot of amazing new culinary programs, from the Hot Stove Society in Seattle to The Courtyard Kitchen at Dar Namir in Fez, Morocco.

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