Coming to you live from beautiful, sunny Aspen, Colorado, where we're celebrating the 25th annual Food & Wine Classic. The air is thin, the sun is very hot (and close) and the wine is way too free-flowing--not necessarily a great combination unless you exercise some self-control. But hey, we're talking about chefs here, so self-control and wine may be a bit of an oxymoron.

On the more educational (and less debauched) side of the wine experience here, Danny Meyer (the restaurateur behind top New York City restaurants like Union Square Cafe, Tabla and Gramercy Tavern) led a seminar on rose wines. But not before he opened the session with an Ethel Merman sing-along of "Everything's Coming Up Roses." The six wines he poured ranged in color from a pale peachy blush to a ripe, sexy crimson and varied in price from $15 to $75. I loved the $75 bottle (Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé Champagne) but was way more into the $15 bottles (L'Aire du Rossignol Côte de Provence and R Ose Cabernet Sauvignon Rose McLaren Vale). I'm always happy to drink expensive wines, as long as they're worth it, but when you find a great bottle at a great price, it's worth the altitude-induced light-headedness (the spit buckets were also a little bit out of reach...).