The German discount chain's wine beat out thousands of competitors to be the least expensive winner in its category.
Credit: Martin Divisek/Getty Images

The grocery business is in an all-out battle for customers. And fighting on the front lines are two German discount chains: Lidl and Aldi. Much has been made about these growing brands: In a relatively short time, they've both become major players in the United Kingdom, and they're both actively expanding in the United States with Lidl making an aggressive launch in America and while Aldi is hoping to ramp up its presence to become America's third largest grocer. Part of these companies' business models has been to drive in customers with high-quality exclusive products and, in the UK, much of that focus has been on wine. For instance, just last month, Aldi grabbed headlines when one of its $5 Shirazes beat bottles as much as 50 times its price in a major wine competition. Now, it's Lidl's turn: The cheap chain just landed one of the top prizes at this year's International Wine Challenge with a Chianti that costs under $10.

Currently selling in Lidl's British locations for just £6.99, Fortezza dei Colli Chianti Classico Riserva won one of the event's 14 Gold awards, making it the cheapest supermarket wine to grab such an honor. The Italian red reportedly beat out "thousands" of other wines to take the honor and was one of 391 medal winners overall. Obviously, Lidl was right there to bask in the kudos. "The fact that our Chianti Classico Riserva was the lowest-priced supermarket wine to win Gold means our customers can be assured that amazing wines don't have to break the bank, at Christmas time and beyond," said Paul Gibson, Buying Director at Lidl UK.

According to the Mirror, the competition's judges have already predicted that this bargain wine will likely "fly off the shelves" due not only to its low price tag, but also thanks to the huge holiday wine buying rush. However, for UK residents that aren't able to make it to Lidl in time to score a bottle, don't be too disheartened; plenty of other supermarkets scored gold with other reasonably priced offerings. For instance, Waitrose struck gold with a £13 Riesling, Morrisons landed a gold for a £12 Rioja Gran Reserva, and Asda earned gold for one of its Pinot Noirs priced at just £8.50. Yes, considering moving to the British Isles is completely warranted.