Just in time for your next weekend getaway.

bella vita
Credit: Courtesy of Bella Vita

Wine is almost always a good idea. And with a wine purse (yes, that is a bag that holds and dispenses your wine for you), you need never be without your favorite Merlot, Pinot Grigio, or Cuvee—even when you hit the beach.

Bella Vita, one of the original creators of the wine purse, has unveiled a new blue-and-white striped canvas tote that stores—in an insulated side-pocket contained pouch—up to two bottles of your favorite beverage. (But we know that's wine.)

As its website explains, "each party pouch—recommended one-time use—acts as a reservoir with a spout to hold and pour up to ... 1.5 liters of your favorite beverage. The backside of the PortoVino wine purse has a stylistic button flap that when opened will provide access to the pouring spout so you can easily pour on the go."

The tote won't just hold wine. The canvas bag with cotton rope handles has room to stash your wallet and "all the necessities," according to the website. You know, like wine glasses.

Bella Vita came out with its original wine purse in February, and basically broke the internet. When news broke of the $75 bag—a faux leather tote—Bella Vita's website reportedly crashed twice as customers rushed to purchase the purses.

"We started conservatively, since this was the first time we'd gotten the product in, but when we saw the response, we amped things up to 15 times the production," Bella Vita co-founder Marisa China has said of the surprisingly high sales.

We're assuming the company won't underestimate its consumer base this time—especially because the new bag is about half the price of the original tote. The new canvas must-have is just $39.95, plus shipping costs, and will be ready to mail on June 10. (The site is accepting pre-orders now, however, so you can have it in plenty of time for your July 4 thweekend getaway or your next big beach day.)