Don't brown bag it.

forty ounce rosé
Credit: © Yes Way Rosé

Wine snobs who think that the rosé trend is more style than substance have just gotten a 40-ounce log thrown on that fire. For Spring 2017, the aptly-named Forty Ounce Wines is offering up everyone’s favorite pink wine in twist-off 40-ounce bottles. Yup, 40-ouncers aren’t just for malt liquor anymore. Though you’ll probably want to avoid putting this forty in a brown bag, lest you conceal it’s beautiful pink hue.

To be fair, Forty Ounce Wines isn’t entirely new: Last year, the brand that offers up “larger format, sustainably made wines” began selling a French Muscadet in the bottle better known for housing less revered products like Old English. This year, however, the wine brand with the uniquely low-brow packaging will not be flying under the radar, thanks to the release of its 2016 Forty Ounce Rosé.

Though it would be easy to judge this book by its cover (or, in this case, bottle), Forty Ounce Rosé may be more seriously than you expect. This French rosé is produced in the Loire Valley by Julien Braud, a young winemaker known for working organically. And counterintuitively, despite coming in mass market packaging, only 1,200 cases were produced from the 2016 vintage, meaning you won’t be finding this forty in your local bodega.

On top of all this, as shown on Instagram earlier this week, New York City’s Discovery Wines is selling bottles for just $16. Since a “normal” bottle of wine is just over 26 ounces, that’s a similar value to buying a 750 milliliter bottle of French rosé for just ten bucks. So when all is said and done, this 2017 trend is going to be far trickier to jump on than you may have thought, which, of course makes it all the trendier.

Apparently, Forty Ounce Wines only sells in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California and Colorado. So basically… go. Go now. Seriously, there’s nothing left to read. Go.