Here’s one thing that separates Delectable from other wine apps: The country’s top wine drinkers can’t get enough of it.

By Charles Antin
Updated May 23, 2017
Photo © Michael Piazza

Here’s one thing that separates Delectable from other wine apps: The country’s top wine drinkers can’t get enough of it. Like a wine-only Instagram, Delectable allows you to snap a photo of a bottle and post it for your followers to see, “like” and comment on. The best part is, Delectable’s software recognizes the name and vintage of the wine you photographed—no manual entry necessary—which is especially nice when you’ve been drinking wine. Download the app to start seeing what the top wine pros are sniffing and slurping nightly. Below are a few you can follow to get started.

Andrew Lampasone, owner, Wine Watch

The owner of the Fort Lauderdale shop Wine Watch, Andrew wins for both most wines posted (nearly 2,500) and most regions explored (403) on Delectable. Add to that detailed tasting notes and ratings and you have to wonder who is actually running his store.

Steve Matthiasson, owner/winemaker/winegrower, Matthiasson Wines

The 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Winemaker of the Year and 2012 Food & Wine Magazine Winemaker of the Year, Steve only posts wines that he loves. A dollop of earnest positivity in this cynical world.

Yoon Ha, Master Sommelier and wine director at Benu

With more than 16,000 followers, Yoon is the most followed user on Delectable. With bottle shots that look professionally done, following Yoon is like having a Master Somm in your back pocket. Join the bandwagon and follow him—everyone else does.

Michael Madrigale, head sommelier at Bar Boulud, Épicerie Boulud and Boulud Sud

Each night at Bar Boulud, Michael Madrigale selects a large-format bottle to pour by the glass, and stages a photo of it alongside an unknowing pedestrian. The photos are creative, but it’s Michael’s concise tasting notes that are particularly useful. He also often posts the “best bottle” he opened in the restaurant that night.

Petra and Dade Thieriot, co-owners Dee Vine Wines

From the husband-and-wife team of Petra and Dade Thieriot, owners of Dee Vine Wines, comes the most comprehensive feed of German wines on Delectable. From current releases to aged Riesling wonders, the couple that posts together, stays together.

Charles Antin, Christie’s auction specialist, Food & Wine contributor

Combining the “unicorn wines” he drinks on his day job at Christie’s, with the Beaujolais he drinks in his pajamas, yours truly offers a great mix of high- and lowbrows. Bathos, they call it: an abrupt change from the exalted to the commonplace, often to comical effect.

Ray Isle, executive wine editor of Food & Wine

If you enjoy Ray’s recommendations here at F&W, his Delectable feed is like an insider’s look into what he drinks on his own time.

Jon Bonné, wine columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle

Fresh off the publication of his book, The New California Wine, Jon’s feed is a look into what’s hot in California right now. As wine editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon’s one of the most influential wine writers in the country, and his Delectable feed is a unique look into what’s happening in the state right now.

Patrick Cappiello, wine director at Pearl & Ash; 2014 Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year

Known for his sabering, his Renegade Wine Dinners, and his expanding wine list, Patrick’s feed is the Lower East Side of Delectable. What’s good right now, with a Gaffel Kölsch thrown in for good measure every now and again.

Abe Schoener, winemaker at Scholium Project (California) and Red Hook Winery (Brooklyn)

Abe’s got a wide variety of wines, drunk on both coasts. From the esoteric to the rare, affordable to over the top, one wonders if Abe’s feed can be read as insight into his winemaking techniques.